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P&P Blog Exclusive: Q&A with Caleb Grusing (Mr. Darcy)

Ok, ladies, be prepared to drool or swoon if you like (with a bucket in hand while you stare at Caleb's photos and read his very interesting...and funny interview at your own risk)...LOL! J/K! I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing the next Mr. Darcy (the actor who will be playing him), Caleb Grusing.

Caleb Grusing will be co-starring with Maia Petee (Elizabeth Bennet) in the upcoming modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice from writer/producer/director Bonnie Mae's independent production company PaperCut Productions LLC, which will begin filming in June in Woodland Park (and Colorado Springs area) in Colorado.

Before (or after) you read his interview. If you missed or haven't read my Q&A with Maia Petee (Caleb's co-star)...check out my interview with her! You'll notice here in a bit... I asked Caleb the same questions I asked Maia...so, just thought I'd mention...

Ok, now lets get to my...
Q&A with Caleb Grusing

An Interview with the next Mr. Darcy...

Jeane: First of all, Congratulations on your landing the iconic role of Mr. Darcy for the new Pride and Prejudice film that you will be filming in June. What was your reaction when you first find out you got the part of Darcy?
Caleb Grusing: Thank you so very much. It is an honor... my reaction was  probably like anyone's would be if they had won the lotto... First thought was, there was no way! Second thought, make sure it was really my name and I didn't misread it for Caleb Grusing cast and crew coffee fetcher.

J: How did you hear about the casting of this film and audition for this role?
CG: I had heard about the casting for quite some time in the community. It was quite a stir... a number of my other actor friends were talking about this new remake of Pride and Prejudice and how everyone was going out for it...

J: Is this your first feature film or have you done one before?
CG: I have had the wonderful opportunity to work on 3 other feature films (Down Angel, Walk-Ins Welcome, and Unexpected Angels) and a couple of shorts. Each one has brought something completely different to the table. Each feature has started as a group individuals with a common goal and we have always ended more like a family. I have no less expectations for this film

[*Updated 2.14.10* - Added a few additional BTS photos of Caleb below! Check them out!]
See a glimpse of Caleb Grusing in Down Angel alternate trailer below!
[source: cryptob9]

Also...check out...

*Updated 2.14.10* Behind The Scenes Photos
of Caleb Grusing
Unexpected Angels
(click images to enlarge!) 

[images credit - Caleb Grusing
Thanks for sending these additional Photos]

J: Mr. Darcy is an iconic character/role and a big shoes to fill. How will you prepare and bring your own version of Mr. Darcy to this film?
CG: In preparation of this role, I am studying religiously source after source setting up a skeleton for Darcy, so I don't lose the message Jane Austen originally intended and the poignant themes all the fans expect. That being said, this is a modern adaptation aimed at corralling a whole new generation to the timeless love story. Honestly, I can't wait to see this movie!
J: Have you seen any or at least one of the previous Pride and Prejudice adaptations? If so, which one is your favorite and why?
CG: Yes, I have seen the 1995 BBC version a couple of times and the 2005 version a couple of times as well as reading the novel, well...cheating by reading the spark notes too!!  ;)  My favorite is probably the BBC version simply because there is more to loveKeira and Matthew did an amazing job, but they only had 2 hours... the BBC version is incredibly in depth and rich in scenery. They get to draw each scene out to its full potential. 

J: Which one of the actors who portrayed Darcy from previous P&P adaptations was your favorite (if you have one) and why?
CG: Tough question... In both versions of P&P I have seen, Darcy was portrayed different, but the same. I thoroughly enjoyed Matthew Macfadyen's from a romantic stand point, but loved Colin Firth's interpretation of the first proposal. I apologize for not seeing the other versions yet, but I will. 

J: Which of your new co-stars of this film are you looking forward to meeting and working with?
CG: I am scared of all of them ...  J/K! I have had a chance to bump into a number of them in different circles, but it will be sweet to actually get to work with them again...there is a great deal of talent packed into this who's who of Colorado Cinema... I got the chance to work with Eve (Cohen who will be playing Mrs. Bennet) and I guarantee she will be hilarious, AC (playing Mr. Collins) will be as well. Maia (Elizabeth Bennet) and I have already been talking, planning a strategy to make this film something unique and special. Mike (playing Mr. Lucas) will certainly be bringing attention, Mark Mitten, a wonderful singer/actor and the ladies will love James (Hawthorne) playing Mr. wickham. I guess I feel incredibly privileged to be working with all of them

J: In your audition process for the Darcy role, which scene from the script did you do?
CG: For the initial audition, I got to do the first party scene with Darcy and Bingley where Darcy really shows his true colors... Bonnie was a good sport and let us improv a little bit towards the end of the scene.. Thanks BONNIE! Then, for the callback, I got a chance to do a wonderful scene with Elizabeth, Miss Bingley and Darcy where Darcy tells the ladies he has the best seat in the house by them.

J: Did you read with another actor/actress when you were doing the same scene?
CG: Definitely.. I got a chance to read with Maia, AC, Mark, Christina, and Eve (see their cast photos here!). All were very fun and full of energy. I love auditions because you really get a chance to see actors first impressions of where they think the character is going.

J: Besides P&P movie, have you read/seen any (or at least one) of Jane Austen TV/Film adaptations? If so, which one is your favorite and why?
CG: I have seen pieces of Sense and Sensibility but that was the only one... got to love Kate Winslet!

Well, there you have it. That wraps up Caleb's Q&A. Hope you enjoyed reading his interview. Thanks again Caleb for doing this lil' interview here. A big THANK YOU to YOU as well for sending me your photos and permission to post them here. Hope to do another interview with you again...soon! :)

P.S. A lil' extra for you all...you may or may not have seen Caleb in the following commercial...

Thanks Fred!
FYI: Caleb Grusing is not only an actor, he is a model too and has done commercials and print ads. One of the commercials he did back in 2008 was from Focus on the Family's Thanks Fred! (<--click the link, scroll down the page and click --> find out why <-- to see the video for the commercial). Caleb appears on it briefly as the happy newlywed "groom." Check it out! :)

Links of Interest
Don't go anywhere yet...or check back here as I have one more interview coming up very soon...from the writer/producer/director of Caleb Grusing and Maia Petee's forthcoming feature film, Pride and Prejudice (official title is still TBA)...Ms. Bonnie Mae!


  1. Great interview! Can't wait to read the one with Bonnie!

    have you interviewed her yet? Can you ask her how old the Bennet girls are going to be? the same ages as the novel?

  2. Thanks Anonymous and Michelle. :)

    Michelle - Yes, I already have. Just waiting for her to send me her photo. Good question, I've just asked her about it. I might include that in my Q&A with her. Stay tune. She's got some interesting info to share with everyone about Keira Knightley and this film. :) I'll have hers up very soon.

    In the meantime, keep re-reading Caleb's interview, lol. J/K! :D

  3. thanks for passing along the question! I'm very interested to hear the news about Keira Knightley!

  4. Thanks for the two interviews ... looking forward to Bonnie's. :-)

  5. You're welcome. Michelle and Liz. Thanks for reading and for leaving your comments. I appreciate it. :)

    My Q&A will be posted sometime tomorrow...if not, Wednesday would be the latest. Hopefully, tomorrow though. Just waiting for a few more stuff that Bonnie is supposed to send me. ;)

  6. Thanks for such wonderful news!


  7. You're welcome, Adriana. Thanks for reading and for commenting here. :)


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