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Movie Casting News: Matthew Macfadyen, Penelope Wilton, and more join Colin Firth in 'Operation Mincemeat'!

Forget those catty Darcy 1995 vs. Darcy 2005 fan wars and debates! No, scratch those unnecessary fan wars of who played the best Darcy, as they are endless and doesn't get you anywhere, lol. Get on board and be on Team Darcy instead! Get this...two iconic Darcy actors, who are starring together in one movie?!?! Yes, you read it right...and no, not just these Darcy actors, make it 5 Austen actors (3 Pride & Prejudice actors and 2 Sense & Sensibility actors) in one movie!!!!! Yes, a thousand times,Yes! to these awesome film casting already!!! Deadline just reported this morning that P&P Actors (2005 and 1995's Mr. Darcys)Matthew Macfadyen and (FYI:They were supposed to co-star in The Promise Land movie way back in 2010, but it didn't happen due to their scheduling conflicts at the time) are now  finally co-starring in a new WWII Period Drama titled, Operation Mincemeat.

The other 3 Austen actors who are joining them in this film are:

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my fellow American P&P Fans, readers, and visitors of this blog who are celebrating Thanksgiving aka Turkey Day (the traditional U.S. Holiday) today, just want to wish you all a very...

Watch: teaser trailer for new Jane Austen film adaptation of 'Emma' starring Anya Taylor-Joy

The first teaser trailer with the official movie poster (see above) has been released yesterday by Focus Features for the upcoming 2020 film adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma (Note: this new Emma movie is the second film version since Gwyneth Paltrow's Emma 1996 film and the fifth Emma adaptations including two well-known TV versions: Emma 1996 TV Movie with Kate Beckinsale and Emma 2009 TV Miniseries with Romola Garai. Plus a modern re-imagining, the popular Clueless 1995 film starring Alicia Silverstone), which is produced by Working Title Films and will be released and distributed by Focus Features (same production company and film distributor of Joe Wright's Pride & Prejudice 2005 film). It stars Anya Taylor-Joy as Emma Woodhouse, Johnny Flynn as Mr. Knightley, Bill Nighy as Mr. Woodhouse, Rupert Graves as Mr. Weston, Miranda Hart as Miss Bates, Mia Goth as Hariet Smith, and Callum Turner as Frank Churchill. This new Emma film (has an official Instagram account and…

Happy Birthday Jena Malone!

Today (November 21st), marks the 35th birthday of Jena Malone (aka Pride & Prejudice 2005's own Lydia Bennet). Jena was born on November 21, 1984 in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA.
Follow the lovely Jena Malone and wish her a very happy birthday today on the following social media. You can follow and tweet her on her officialTwitter: @MaloneJena. On Instagram here: @jenamalone. And Like her official facebook page here: Jena Malone.

Behind The Lens Spotlight: Roman Osin, Pride & Prejudice 2005 film’s Cinematographer

On this day, exactly 14 years ago (November 11th, 2005), Focus Features has released Joe Wright’s Pride & Prejudicefilm in select U.S. Theaters! It expanded to over 1k+ more screens on Thanksgiving Day (November 23rd, 2005).

Happy Birthday Matthew Macfadyen!

Today (October 17th) is Matthew Macfadyen's 45th birthday! Matthew, best known to us P&P Fans as Mr. Darcy (forever) of the 2005 Pride & Prejudice film, was born David Matthew Macfadyen in Great Yarmouth, Northfolk, England, UK in 1974 (45 years ago today!).

Happy Birthday Matthew Macfadyen!!! (Mr. Darcy!)

Some interesting MM quotes talking about his iconic Darcy role/character (while you watch an MM Birthday tribute video...though in Spanish, but it included an English translation/subtitles below) worth re-posting here again and again as well as updated MM in various characters collage below...

Watch: Tom Hollander in The King's Man trailer

Tom Hollander along with Gemma Arterton (Lost In Austen), Matthew Goode (Death Comes To Pemberley, Downton Abbey film), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Anna Karenina), and Alison Steadman (Pride and Prejudice 1995) are part of Matthew Vaughn's upcoming Kingsman Movie's prequel titled, (previously titled:Kingsman: The Great Game) The King's Man (new title). Tom is playing three royal related characters (George V - reprising the same character he played in Lost Prince TV mini-series, Wilhelm II - the Kaiser/German Emperor and King of Prussia, and Nicholas II - the Russian tsar), they are first cousins and all part of Queen Victoria's family tree, as they were all her grandsons! A new poster (see above, which include all 3 of Tom Hollander's  characters!) with a new trailer has recently been released by 20th Century Fox and will open in U.S. Theaters February 14, 2020.

Watch trailer 2 for The King's Man below...


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