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P&P (2010) Movie Update: More Location Photos, actor cast for Hurst, and more!

Here's a  big update on the P&P Location photos (as more photos are now added here. See previously posted location photos here!) and the last actor cast for the new modern PaperCut Productions produced Pride and Prejudice (2010) film starring (as Mr. Darcy). Plus 2 extra photos after the cut...


James O'Hagan-Murphy has been cast for the role of Mr. Hurst (Charles and Caroline Bingley's brother-in-law). Check out his photo below!

Mr. Hurst: JAMES O'HAGAN-Murphy
[source: photo by James O'Hagan-Murphy | Scanned by Bonnie (thanks!)]
Congrats James 0'Hagan-Murphy!!!

P&P (2010) Movie Location Photos 
(ie. Darcy's fireplace/Bingley's estate/The Bennets House etc.)
(click all images below to enlarge!) Update: **Newly added photos!

The Darcy Family

Darcy's Fireplace - Interior
(Note: More on Darcy Mansion interior and exterior photos soon!)

**Darcy & Bingley's Black Powder Rifles for shooting

The Bingley Family

Bingley's Estate
- Exterior
Bingley's Kitchen - Interior
    Bingley's Den - Interior
**Bingley's Den #2 - Interior



The Bennet Family

  ** The Bennet House - Interior

 The Bennet family Dog (an English Bulldog)
**The Bennet Family's (modern) kitchen - Interior
The Bennets' hallway - Interior
Bennets' Kitchen and Den - Interior
Mary Bennet's Piano
A Path Outside of Bennets' Home

More location photos to be posted here soon!

(Source: Images Credit/Copyrights and A special THANK YOU to here!)

Plus Extra Photos...

Maia Petee's audition photo 
(Maia auditioned for Elizabeth Bennet role,
which she got the part, of course!)
(click image to enlarge!)

 (A Big Thank You to Maia and Bonnie for 
the permission to post MP's photo ^ here!)

And a new candid photo of...

The next Mr. & Mrs. Darcy...
(Elizabeth Bennet) and (Mr. Darcy)
(FYI: They met and hang out for coffee to chat about their upcoming P&P film this past Saturday 2/20 and were AWESOME enough to share this cute and adorable photo of them together as a treat to all of you... readers/visitors and P&P fans interested and excited in seeing this film! Enjoy!)
(click image to enlarge!)
(Thanks a lot Maia and Caleb for sharing 
and the permission to post your photo here :)...) 


  1. Can't wait to see the film! They look like a real couple! Can't wait to see and read more!

  2. awww, cute couple! lol. and yay! they have a bulldog! so cute!

    that's some Bingley house!

    but, no outside shots of the Bennet house?

  3. Thanks Karrie and Michelle. Glad you both liked the new update. :)

    I'm updating with a few more photos...so check this post again. ;)

    Michelle - No exterior shots of the Bennet house yet. There will be more photos to come soon. Keep checking this post or this blog for updates! :)


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