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P&P Fan Encounter: A lovely and unexpected reply from Miss Rosamund Pike!

Last July 2012, I wrote the lovely and beautiful Rosamund Pike (my favorite Jane Bennet) a fan letter, which was several months after I wrote Matthew Macfadyen and sent him a fan mail (and just a few months before I received a A Lovely Surprise from Mr. Macfadyen on my mailbox!). I had once thought of writing a letter to her, but didn't expect to actually be writing her. My wonderful friend and fellow P&P/RP fan, Maia (thanks a lot), who first wrote her a fan letter before I did had shared Miss Pike's fan mail address with me and she got a response from her (See Maia's Rosamund Pike Autographed Photos). I thought I'd try my luck of writing her too as I've been a fan of Rosamund Pike since Pride & Prejudice (2005) film. Since then, I've seen most of Rosamund's TV and film work. There are only a few that I have not seen yet including her upcoming films. I think she's not only beautiful, kind, friendly, and intelligent, but also one of those underrated, talented, and versatile character actresses that should be in more well-known films. I pretty much loved and enjoyed watching her in the movies I've seen her in whether the movie was really good or not so good, but Miss Pike was always pretty good (ie. Pride & Prejudice, Love in A Cold Climate, The Libertine, An Education, Made In Dagenham, Barney's Version, etc.) and often the highlight of every movie she appeared in. I'd love to see her in a leading role where she's the main or title character (for a change) and not just a supporting one.

Anyway, I didn't expect to get a reply from her, since it's been several months since I wrote her and haven't heard back from her, but I did hear that she does reply to her fans who had written to her. Often, she replied to her fans who wrote to her much sooner than later. In my case, I guess I wrote her at the time she was busy filming a few films (she had 3-4 films out in the same year for the last few years or so), modeling and new face of L.K. Bennett for Spring/Summer 2013 campaign, and she just had her first newborn baby boy. Not too mention she did a lot of press junket and press promo tour late last year and earlier this year for Jack Reacher with co-star Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie. I totally understand and wouldn't be surprised if she forgot or didn't have the time. Still, I couldn't help wondering a couple times if she at least received my fan letter to her, which I had kindly requested a couple of my favorite pics of hers to sign, if she wouldn't mind at all. The first time I've wondered was late last year when I saw her in Jack Reacher movie and the second was most recently.  I just wondered if she had at least received it and if I'll ever hear back from her. If it was the latter, I thought, if I don't hear back from her. It's all good, she's been busy and the stamps (international coupon reply) I included in the self-addressed envelope has probably been changed or expired, since it's been a long time. But then, one thing I learned last year when I got a reply from Matthew Macfadyen, the day before his birthday was that, you never know. It might have taken him over a year to respond my fan letter, but he did reply. So, I held a little hope that maybe...just maybe, Miss Pike would too, but didn't wait nor expected to hear back from her.

Well, a few days later, on April 1st (April Fools Day, of all days, lol), I got a reply from Rosamund Pike!!! At first, I couldn't believe it...and  thought my mail man was making a fool out of me when I opened my mailbox and saw a familiar self-addressed envelope (the pics got a little bent too! Clearly they ignored my "please do not bend photos inside. Thank you." memo on the front envelope...oh, well...) I had sent Miss Pike. It was, however, no April fools joke nor a hallucinations (haha!), it was what I really saw it was...a reply from her!!! I thought, wow...I did get a reply from the lovely Jane Bennet! As aforementioned, I had actually wondered about this just recently and who knew I'd get a reply soon after. It sure made my day and thought this was like an early birthday (yes, today, if you're wondering what day...) present for me this month from her. She signed both photos I kindly requested for her to sign...and it made me smile that she mentioned my name (she wrote in cursive: "All best wishes and thanks, Jeane -Rosamund Pike.") in one of the signed photos. I wrote her in cursive and old fashioned style (like Lizzie wrote "Dear Jane," in P&P movie) letter and I can't remember exactly what I wrote her (as it was handwritten neatly at once with no drafts to look back what I wrote, unfortunately) but I do remember congratulating her on giving birth to her first newborn baby boy named Solo, whom I believe, is turning a year old this month. I told her how much I loved her as Jane Bennet in P&P movie and that movie's one of my all-time favorite movies to watch. Also, I told her about this blog that is dedicated to this movie, and that I was looking forward to seeing her in her upcoming movies (at the time it was Jack Reacher, which I've seen and wrote my Film Review: Jack Reacher). Also, I told her that I've seen her in most of her TV and film work. I might have written more (it was a two-page fan letter), but those were all that I can remember. She didn't write a letter or note, but she did signed two of the photos I requested for her to sign. THANK YOU so much, ROSAMUND PIKE (and your agents) for the lovely reply. I love and appreciate you even more. :-)

And last, but most certainly not least, I've scanned both my signed autograph photos (in HQ) to share with you all, my dear loyal readers...

 My Rosamund Pike Signed Autograph Photos!


  1. Incredibly beautiful!!! She is very kind, always care about fans, so lovely success with the two signed photos!!! Very, very glad to you, my dear Jeane!! Happily helped out with the address ;) Thanks for the lovely mention of me!


  2. You're very welcome, Maia and thanks again for your help and encouragement to write Rosamund Pike. Thanks to you, I was able to write her and she replied. :)

    1. She has been my favorite actress for about 6 years now. I also received an autographed photo and will cherish it always. Gary


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