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Pride & Prejudice Movie: Little things you may have failed to noticed upon first viewing...

Just recently re-watched this film (and will be watching it again sometime today), as I haven't seen this in a while...and wow, it's very interesting to note here that this film never fails to amaze me how I always discover new things I failed to noticed upon my previous viewings. I've noticed some new things this time that I didn't before in my...let's see...over a hundred (or perhaps even a thousand) times of viewings of this film now, lol.

For those of you who have seen this amazingly, beautiful film, Pride & Prejudice starring Keira Knightley & Matthew Macfadyen, you know what I'm talking about, whether you've seen it once (you definitely need to re-watch it pronto as you're missing a lot, lol), twice, a few times, or several times than you care to count like me...chances are you were probably too focused and mesmerized by the breathtaking and alluring on-screen presence of the main lead characters Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy to even noticed the other supporting characters or little interesting details in the background of this brilliantly crafted film, directed by Joe Wright.

Two years ago, I started listing the random lil' things I failed to noticed in Thing you failed to noticed upon first viewing... thread at the P&P Forum and fellow members/P&P fans had also listed their own list of things they failed to noticed in their first few (or even as many times as an astonishing 50+ more times of) viewings. Check it out! You'll read some interesting things a lot of us have failed to noticed because we were too busy staring at the handsome Mr. Darcy or his lady love, Lizzie Bennet...even though we've seen this film too many times, lol.

So, anyway, I watched this movie again and this time paid attention to every scene, all characters (yes all of them...not just Darcy and Lizzie and the supporting ones like the Bennet sisters, Mr. & Mrs. Bennet, The Bingley siblings, Mr. Collins, Charlotte Lucas, etc., but also the minor characters and extras), and all the interesting details and activities shown in the background of this film.

Here are some new things I failed to noticed in my previous viewings...
  • At the beginning when the Bennet girls were eavesdropping outside the door from the room where their parents were having a conversation about the news of Mr. Bingley's arrival to their town from the North...and Kitty shush Lizzie and she laughed and said, "Kitty." Prior to that, she shush them from listening in to their parents conversation...
  • In the same scene, when their parents came out and Mr. Bennet said, "good heavens, people." I just noticed that both Kitty and Lydia bowed down to their father, but Lizzie didn't.
  • In the opening scene at the Bennets' house, I just noticed Mrs. Bennet was not only holding a towel, but also holding a green apple, lol.
  • The following scene when the Bennets went to the next room, the girls followed their parents. I just noticed in the background, Jane was holding one of Lizzie's hands, but Lizzie let go to grabbed Mary's hand (who was sitting down just outside the room and playing the piano, lol) to run to the other room with their other sisters and parents. I never noticed that lil' scene before till now. Interesting...
  • After Mr. Bennet approved Mrs. B and the girls to go to the first Ball at the Assembly (where they first met Mr. Darcy and the Bingley siblings Charles and Caroline), Kitty and Lydia were jumping up and down and at the same time circling Jane asking to borrow her muslin. In this scene, I mostly didn't get what they were saying or paid attention to it till now...so I paid attention to their lines (and thanks to subtitles for its help, lol), I finally got what they were blabbering about and who was saying what to Jane. Poor Jane, she's been harassed by her silly younger siblings, lol.

    Here are there lines...

    Kitty: Can I wear your spotted muslin? Oh, please, Jane.
    Jane: No, I need it.
    Kitty: Please, Jane, I'll lend you my green sleepers.
    Jane: They were mine.
    Kitty: Oh, where they? Well, then I'll do your mending for a week.
    Lydia: I'll return your new bonnet.
    Kitty: Two weeks.
    Lydia: I'll repay you myself Jane.
    Lydia: Jane, look at me, Jane.
    Jane: But I want to wear it myself.
  •  At the ball when Lydia and Kitty were yet again, jumping up and down telling their Mama (Mrs. B) about the Militia men, poor Mary was standing behind them with a drink...staring at them and looking sad at the same time...and I just noticed that while she was drinking and her two other sisters were jumping up and down in front of her, she looks like was about to get hit (or did she?) and fall, lol. Poor girl!
  • When Mr. Collins was whispering to Mrs. B about his capturing the oldest Bennet daughter (Jane) his special attention, in the background the rest of the family were talking to each other while Mary was sitting in a desk alone across from them. In that scene, I just noticed it was Jane who was yawning and fanning herself not Mr. Bennet (who was fanning himself in the Ball at Netherfield).

And many more, but those ^ are the ones I can remember right now. I'm sure there are more as I often get distracted by the sight of Lizzie & Darcy, lol.

By the way, are there any more lil' things/scenes in this movie that you may have noticed that I didn't or that you just noticed (but failed to noticed in your first few viewings of this film)? If so, post here and let me know.


  1. Yeah, in the dining room scene where Mr Collin was going on about the "excellant potatoes" and to which of his fair cousin should he compliment, there's a scene in the foreground where Lizzie, who was sitting on Mrs. Bennet's right, was reaching for some condiment at the same time Mrs. B did (something of the sort), and Mrs B gave her daughter a mock frown, causing Lizzie to act serious for a moment, before it was dropped and Lizzie chuckled a bit. Then she replaced the condiment, licked her thumb and picked up her knife.

    Oh, and I'd noticed the Lizzie not bowing to her father scene, and the Jane/Kitty/Lydia conversation.

  2. Thanks Taylor for adding those lil' unnoticed scenes here. I love the dining room scene with the Bennets and Mr. Collins. I love watching watching the family eat and argue in the table, lol. There's always something I missed though, lil' moments/scenes no matter how many times I've seen this movie. I guess that's why I love watching this movie a lot, lol.

    Did you noticed in the same scene where it looked like Jane kicked Lizzie from under the table as she reacted when she said something witty and sarcastic to Mr. Collins? I've always noticed that, but wonder if that was what Jane really did to stop Lizzie from being too mean to Mr. Collins, lol. In the same scene Mrs. B also stopped Jane from getting more food or was it getting the food she wanted to get, haha...

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