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Short Film News: Keira Knightley joins Colin Firth in 'Steve' directed by Rupert Friend

As previously posted here, Rupert Friend Keira Knightley (P&P '05's Elizabeth Bennet) and Tom Mison (Lost In Austen's Mr. Bingley) is also in Steve. Very interesting! Check out the official site for Steve with P&P Actors in three different P&P versions (1995, 2005, and Lost in Austen 2008) are all in the same short film. Looks like we have Darcy 1995, Lizzie 2005, and Bingley (LA 2008), being directed by Wickham 2005...brilliant casting (though where's Jane or Lydia Bennet? lol) and director and keeping it in the P&P family, eh?

Here, I made a few screen caps of the images from the official site for Steve of Colin, Keira, and Tom below including 2 promo banners I made, lol...(updated 10/2 with new Keira Knightley and Tom Mison still...after the cut...)

They all look serious in their individual photos, don't they? To quote the Joker from The Dark Knight movie, "WHY SO SERIOUS?" lol...

Colin Firth
Keira Knightley
 Tom Mison

Plus, I made or rather manipped 2 lil' Steve promo banners below...
what do you all think?

Updated 10/2

Sweet-Keira has this new Steve still of Keira and Tom actually next to each other and in colored version...looks like they are playing the couple part and Colin is Steve from the short summary description below...

Anyway, pirate_and_prejudice @imdb boards has more Steve info.
Some facts:
Run Time: 16 minutes
Director: Rupert Friend
Starring: Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, and Tom Mison (not 100% sure on Tom Mison though)
Short Summary: “A couple’s visits from Steve, their neighbor from the flat downstairs, become increasingly frequent and unpredictable.”
Also, Steve will be going to London Film Festival according to this site. Keira is scheduled to attend the London Film Festival.
More additional info via Keira Web: The film will screen at the London Film Festival on October 21st and 22nd. The official site suggests a further release in 2011. It was filmed over four days in April or May this year, according to this interview with Colin.
Speaking of Rupert, Keira, and Tom Mison in Steve short film, they all previously co-starred in another short film, The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of The Suicide Brothers, which Rupert and Tom co-wrote, and Rupert co-produced, is now available to down on iTunes. Watch the teaser trailer for it below...
(source: MoneyTrainDX)



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