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Casting News: Colin Firth takes on royal role as king George, reunites with Jennifer Ehle, and is being directed by Rupert Friend

Looks like and better known to Jane Austen/P&P fans as Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet from the 1995 BBC miniseries, Pride and Prejudice are reuniting in a new film, The King's Speech, slated to be released in theaters on November 26th, later this year. Not too mention Colin Firth is working yet again with another P&P 05 actor...this time it's Rupert Friend (P&P 05's Mr. Wickham)...so it's more like Darcy and Wickham working together again in the same movie.
Interesting...it seems Colin Firth is always working with other Pride and Prejudice/Jane Austen alumni actors esp. P&P 05 actors (see Six Degrees of Colin Firth...scroll down to the bottom of the page for it!)... Awesome! He has previously co-starred with Rupert in The Last Legion (see Colin and Rupert Legion still above...also, with another Lizzy....Bride & Prejudice's own Lalita actress Aishwarya Rai-Bachachan), Keira Knightley (Love Actually), Carey Mulligan (And When Did You Last See Your Father?), Talulah Riley (St. Trianians I and II), Judi Dench (Shakespeare In Love and The Importance of Being Ernest), and soon another Darcy, Matthew Macfadyen (The Promise Land slated for 2011, according to IMDB. See previous post here: Matthew Macfadyen and Colin Firth to co-star in 'The Promise Land), and Rupert again in a new film "Steve" that Colin himself mention in the following article below that he is going to be directed by Rupert in what looks like a short film.

Here's part of that article via CTV News:
Colin Firth says he is taking a break from movies for awhile, even though he has received some "very, very good" scripts since his Oscar nomination for "A Single Man."

There is one exception to the self-imposed hiatus, says Firth.

"I am doing a four-day shoot for a film called "Steve," which is being directed by my friend Rupert Friend, a young actor, and it feels about right -- short, sweet."

Firth, in Toronto to accept an environmental award for a retail business he runs with his wife's family, recently completed "The King's Speech," in which he plays the Queen's father, George VI. The film focuses on the period when George took over the throne for his abdicating brother, Edward VIII, in 1936.

The film also stars Geoffrey Rush as speech coach Lionel Logue, Helena Bonham Carter as Queen Elizabeth (better known later as the Queen Mother), Guy Pierce as Edward VIII and Michael Gambon as George V.

Directed by Tom Hooper, "The King's Speech" also reunites Firth with Jennifer Ehle, his co-star in the much-loved 1995 miniseries "Pride and Prejudice." She plays Logue's wife.
 Read full article here!



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