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Watch: Matthew Macfadyen in The Assistant trailer

Bleeker Street recently released the official trailer for Matthew Macfadyen upcoming film The Assistant based on a day and life of one of Harvey Weinsten's assistants. Matthew is said to be playing as a human resources executive and he co-stars with Julia Garner (Ozark), who plays the title character. Written and directed by Kitty Green. The film which recently premiere at Telluride Film Festival is heading to Sundance 2020 and made the first selections of the Berlin Film Festival. It will be opening in U.S. Theaters for a limited release January 31st, 2020 and everywhere on February.

Watch the trailer for The Assistant below...

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all the devoted Pride & Prejudice Fans, visitors, and all the faithful P&P Blog Readers here today a very...

Pride & Prejudice Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas Day is fast approaching...just 3 more shopping days left! If you just started your Christmas shopping this weekend and you're in need of a last minute gift ideas, let yours truly help you out with A Pride & Prejudice (2005 Movie) and Jane Austen related Holiday Gift Guide here on what to give your family and fellow P&P Movie/Jane Austen fan friends who loved the 2005 movie (and Austen) as much as you do, with these P&P/Austen related collectible and inspired items or for yourself (to include in your own Christmas wish list, to let your family and friends know that you want these for Christmas or for you to buy as a gift for yourself).

Here are 10 Must-Buy Pride & Prejudice (2005) Movie/Jane Austen related and inspired merchandise/items to add to your holiday gift shopping cart via Marble Sculpture, Audible,Etsy, Cafe Press, RedBubble, and Amazon (click all links for more product info. and how you can order them) below...

Watch: Keira Knightley, Keeley Hawes, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and more in 'Misbehaviour' trailer!

The first UK trailer and movie posters has been released today for Keira Knightley’supcoming new dramedy film, Misbehaviour based on the true events of the 1970 Miss World pageant in London. The film is slated for a March 13, 2020 UK Cinema release!

Keira as Sally Alexander co-stars with Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Belle, which she co-starred with P&P's Penelope Wilton), Keeley Hawes (aka Matthew Macfadyen’s wife), Greg Kinear, Phyllis Logan (aka Mrs. Hughes in Downton Abbey), Rhys Ifans, Lesley Manville, Suki Waterhouse (aka Kitty Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies), Emma Corrin, and Jessie Buckley. No news yet on when the U.S. theater release date, but will update here as soon as it's available.

Watch the trailer (and see trailer screen captures featuring KK) for Misbehaviour below...

Watch: the first trailer for Joe Wright's 'The Woman In The Window' starring Amy Adams

20th Century Fox just released the first trailer and official movie poster forJoe Wright's new film, a psychological thriller titled The Woman in the Window starring 6-time Oscar Nominee Amy Adams (who co-starred with Jena Malone in films like Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice {The Ultimate Edition} and Nocturnal Animals) in the lead role as Dr. Anna Fox. The film is set for a May 15, 2020 U.S. Theater release. Gary Oldman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Anthony Mackie, Wyatt Russell, and Juliane Moore also star.

Watch the trailer for The Woman In The Window  and read the synopsis below...

Happy Birthday Jane Austen!

Happy 244th Birthday to the lovely, genius and way ahead of her time, beloved English novelist, the one and only, JANE AUSTEN!

Worth re-posting every year (and slightly edited and updated) for your FYI...

Remembering and celebrating her birthday today, Jane Austen, the woman who wrote the original Pride and Prejudicenovel (which had been made into several TV and Film adaptations including the 2005 film, Pride & Prejudice), which was her first (can you believe unsuccessful?!) submission to a publisher back in 1797 (221 years ago) titled "First Impressions" (later changed to "Pride and Prejudice"). She revised "First Impressions" and published it entitled "Pride and Prejudice" in 1813 (206 years ago, 11 months ago this year!).

Watch: Carey Mulligan in trailer for 'Promising Young Woman'

Focus Features has released the first trailer (and movie poster) today for Carey Mulligan's upcoming film, the Emerald Fennell-directed revenge thriller Promising Young Woman.Adam Brody, Bo BurnhamAlison BrieConnie BrittonChristopher Mintz-PlasseAlfred MolinaLaverne CoxMax GreenfieldJennifer Coolidge, and Clancy Brown also star. This is Fennell’s first feature film and she also wrote the script. Most recently, Fennell appeared on Season 3 of Netflix’s The Crown as a young Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Promising Young Woman is slated for an April 17, 2020 U.S. Theatrical release!

Watch the trailer for Promising Young Woman below...

First Look of Keira Knightley in ‘Misbehavior’ film

A UK release date has been announced by Pathé UK ofKeira Knightley’s upcoming dramedy (or comedy drama) film, Misbehaviour based on the true events of the 1970 Miss World pageant in London, for a March 13, 2020! Keira as Sally Alexander co-stars with Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Belle, which she co-starred with P&P's Penelope Wilton), Keeley Hawes, Greg Kinear, Phyllis Logan, Rhys Ifans, Lesley Manville, Sukiyaki Waterhouse, Emma Corrin, and Jessie Buckley. Also, a couple new stills and on set pics featuring Keira Knightley has been released. No word on when the U.S. release date as of yet, but will update here as soon as it's available.

Read more info. and see new stills of Keira Knightley and Keeley Hawes with Rhys Ifans via Pathé UK below:

Happy Birthday Judi Dench!

Today Dame Pride & Prejudice2005's very own Lady Catherine celebrates her 85th birthday. Born Judith Olivia Dench,December 91934 in York, North Yorkshire, England, UK.

Happy Birthday Dame Judi Dench!!!
Worth re-posting...

Academy Award Winner (for Best Supporting Actress in Shakespeare in LoveMiss Dench is one of the busiest English actresses around and has done countless of films (ie. Bond FilmsAs Time Goes By tv series, Mrs. Henderson Presents with P&P co-starKelly ReillyShakespeare In LoveLadies In Lavender, and many other made for TV movies and feature films...too many to list here, just check out her IMDB filmography) throughout her very long acting career, but to us P&P movie fans, she will always be known as the proud and domineering Lady Catherine (aunt of Mr. Darcy and patroness of Mr. Collins), even in her small role and brief scenes in the P&P 05 film, her presence and appearance was unmissable and important to the story. In my opinion…

Movie Casting News: Matthew Macfadyen, Penelope Wilton, and more join Colin Firth in 'Operation Mincemeat'!

Forget those catty Darcy 1995 vs. Darcy 2005 fan wars and debates! No, scratch those unnecessary fan wars of who played the best Darcy, as they are endless and doesn't get you anywhere, lol. Get on board and be on Team Darcy instead! Get this...two iconic Darcy actors, who are starring together in one movie?!?! Yes, you read it right...and no, not just these Darcy actors, make it 5 Austen actors (3 Pride & Prejudice actors and 2 Sense & Sensibility actors) in one movie!!!!! Yes, a thousand times,Yes! to these awesome film casting already!!! Deadline just reported this morning that P&P Actors (2005 and 1995's Mr. Darcys)Matthew Macfadyen and (FYI:They were supposed to co-star in The Promise Land movie way back in 2010, but it didn't happen due to their scheduling conflicts at the time) are now  finally co-starring in a new WWII Period Drama titled, Operation Mincemeat.

The other 3 Austen actors who are joining them in this film are:


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