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Let me just say that when I post here, I tend to abbreviate. A lot. Well, not always, but when I do it's because the words or titles mentioned are often too long to post here or I just prefer to shorten those longer words/titles and abbreviate them.

Of course, I didn't start most of these phrases or abbreviations, but rather compiled (and also added a few of my own) as I got inspired by other blogs I frequent to and they have their own general use of phrases (or text abbreviations much like when you're texting or sending an instant messages to a friend), which are now commonly used in Pop Culture.

I don't own (even if I came up with something) nor claim to own any of these, so feel free to use any or all of them for your own fun and enjoyment.

P&P Blog's Glossary of Terms

P&P - Pride & Prejudice
EB - Elizabeth Bennet
KK - Keira Knightley
MM - Matthew Macfadyen
FD - Fitzwilliam Darcy
MD - Mr. Darcy (or Mrs. Darcy)
ILMD - I Love Mr. Darcy
MimfD - Matthew is my favorite Darcy
(or see below...)

MMIMD - Matthew Macfadyen is my Mr. Darcy
Darcylicious (or as I call him Darsexylicious: Darcy+Sexy+Delicious): Matthew Macfadyen as the handsome and delicious Mr. Darcy
Dizzie - an acronym for our favorite P&P OTP: Darcy & Lizzie
MacKnightley (Macfadyen + Knightley or K-Mac, short for Knightley & Macfadyen) - An acronym for fans of Keira & Matthew's on-screen love team/pairing.
HEA - Happily Ever After
or Jing - an acronym for the adorable Jane & Bingley couple
P&P (2005) Actors - actors from Pride & Prejudice (2005) movie

JW - Joe Wright
JA - Jane Austen

Janeite or Austenite - a hardcore Jane Austen Fan or an Austen fanatic
Austen Purist - die hard Austen fans who (go overboard and) get angry or think it's controversial (even though it's not really, but they'll make a big deal out of it...) when filmmakers of P&P TV or film adaptations dare to go outside the box, takes creative license, or deviates from the original source (original novel)...and any adaptations who tries to be different from the standard and "faithful" adaptation...meaning if it's not what they want to see or an exact replica of the book, an adaptation failed to translate it on-screen...or at least, that's what I think they think or believe...
JAFF - Jane Austen Fan Fiction
OTP - One True Pair
OST - Original Soundtrack

AK - Anna Karenina
RS - Ripper Street
DA - Downton Abbey
BTS - Behind The Scenes
FTW - For The Win

FYI - For Your Information
FYC - For Your Consideration
FYE - For Your Entertainment
TIFF - Toronto International Film Festival
BO - Box Office
GG - Gone Girl (or Golden Globe Awards)
RP - Rosamund Pike
CM - Carey Mulligan
JM - Jena Malone
TR - Talulah Riley
BB - Brenda Blethyn
DS - Donald Sutherland
JD - Judi Dench
PW - Penelope Wilton

LIA - Lost In Austen
LBD - Lizzie Bennet Diaries

B&P - Bride & Prejudice
DCTP - Death Comes To Pemberley
PPZ - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
OMGICantEven! - when people misspell Jane Austen or Elizabeth Bennet's last names, etc...
OMGEBN! - Oh My Goodness. Everybody Behave Naturally! (refers to one of my favorite Mrs. Bennet quotes when people panic or goes off-topic, lol...)
Mrs.B - Mrs. Bennet
Mr.B - Mr. Bennet
LadyC - Lady Catherine
SMH - Shakes My Head
TBEMH - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
TSBEMH - The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
FFTMC - Far From The Madding Crowd
FB - Facebook
IG - Instagram
SM - Social Media

TBT - Throwback Thursday (or Tuesday)
FBF - Flashback Friday
ICYMI - In Case You Missed It

TBC - To Be Continued... 
UMD - Unleashing Mr. Darcy

*Note: I'll try to update and add more here, if I come up with something or if you have any suggestions and there's something new to add...*



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