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Happy Birthday Jena Malone!

Today ( November 21st ), marks the  36th birthday  of  Jena Malone  (aka  Pride & Prejudice  2005 's own  Lydia Bennet ).  Jena  was born on  November 21, 1984  in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA. Follow the lovely  Jena Malone  and wish her a very  happy birthday  today on the following social media. You can follow and tweet her on her  official   Twitter :  @MaloneJena . On  Instagram  here:  @jenamalone . And Like her  official facebook page  here:  Jena Malone .

Happy Birthday Matthew Macfadyen!

Today ( October 17th ) is   Matthew Macfadyen 's  46th  birthday!  Matthew , best known to us  P&P Fans  as  Mr. Darcy  (forever) of the  2005  Pride & Prejudice  film , was born  David Matthew Macfadyen  in Great Yarmouth, Northfolk, England, UK in  1974  (46 years ago today!). Happy Birthday  Matthew Macfadyen!!! (Mr. Darcy!) Some interesting  MM quotes  talking about his iconic  Darcy role/character  (while you watch an  MM Birthday tribute video ...though in Spanish, but it included an English translation/subtitles below) worth re-posting here again and again as well as updated MM in various characters collage below...

Happy Birthday Rupert Friend!

Today ( October 9th ) is the 39th  birthday  of  Emmy Award Nominee  Rupert Friend  (aka  P&P 05 's own  Mr. Wickham ).  Rupert  was born  Rupert William Anthony Friend  on  October 9th (or was it Oct 1st??? But then, Rupert posts on the 9th...), 1981  in Oxfordshire, England, UK. Rupert , officially joined  Twitter  (in 2013):  @rupertfriend  and blogs on  WhoSay .  He's on  Facebook   and  Instagram  too (though he’s been inactive for two years now). If you're a fan, you can follow him in social media and be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday today. Side Note:  Celebrating Rupert’s birthday today (October 9th! Though I’ve been celebrating it here on every first of Oct for many years now, and when RF first joined Twitter (and here on this blog, IG and FB) in 2013, he didn’t correct me when I said HBD to him {he only said “thank you!” }...and since his bio on IMDB {it’s still listed there on the 1st for a long time now!} and Wiki {they changed it to Oct. 9th last year or

Happy Birthday Talulah Riley!

Today  ( Sept. 26 ) is  Talulah Riley 's (aka  Mary Bennet  of   Pride & Prejudice  2005 film ) 35th  birthday .  Miss Riley  was born as  Talulah Jane Riley-Milburn  in  Hertfordshire ,  England  (UK)  35 years  ago today.  Read her interesting BIO here . Two years ago, Miss Riley models  H&M’s Fall 2018 Collection: For Every You If you're fan and have a  twitter  account, follow  Talulah’s official Twitter  here  or  @TalulahRiley  or  @talulahrm   on  Instagram .  Tweet/message her  and wish her a  happy birthday  today. Happy Birthday Talulah Riley!

Happy Birthday Tom Hollander!

Today ( August 25th ) is   Tom Hollander   (aka  P&P 's  Mr. Collins )'s  53rd birthday !  He  shares the same birthday as director Joe Wright , whom he'd worked with in  3 films :  Pride & Prejudice  (2005),  The Soloist  (2009), and  Hanna  (2011).

Happy Birthday Joe Wright!

Today ( August 25th ), is  Pride & Prejudice 's own brilliant director  Joe Wright 's  48th Birthday ! I found out several years ago that his birthday's today and  he shares the same birthday  as  Tom Hollander ! They've worked together  3 times  in  3  ( Pride & Prejudice ,  The Soloist , and  Hanna ) of his  5 feature films . JW's upcoming new film  The Woman In The Window  starring Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, and Gary Oldman was supposed to open in U.S. Theaters May 20th, but it’s been delayed due to Covid-19 and now it’s going to be on Netflix! No Netflix release or streaming has been announced as of yet. 

HBO’s Succession scored 18 Emmy Nominations including Best Supporting Actor nod for Matthew Macfadyen!

Great news!  Matthew Macfadyen   is finally nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Tom Wambsgans in HBO’s Succession series, which scored a total of 18 Nominations (including Drama Series and Supporting Actor). Read more about the list of categories Succession has been nominated below...


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