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More Behind the scenes: Peek & Cloppenburg interview with Rosamund Pike

Here's more of the lovely and beautiful Rosamund Pike fromPeek & Cloppenburg...

Behind the scenes: interview with Rosamund Pike

Peek & Cloppenburg: Can you imagine working with Ben Affleck on a movie?
Rosamund Pike: Yes, maybe even with him directing. I think he’s really good at getting the best out of everyone. And I know he’s very interested in making movies with social awareness. I like his approach.
Peek & Cloppenburg: Which of the outfits you wore for the shoot did you like best?
Rosamund Pike: The blue Joseph Janard suit. It’s classic, but a little unconventional at the same time. And I’d wear the white shorts and the check blouse on holiday. I just love that fifties French Riviera look.
Peek & Cloppenburg: How would you describe your style?
Rosamund Pike: I really like to mix modern outfits with vintage
accessories, like handbags, or textures like velvet. Velvet jackets are always good combined with classic dresses. I also love vintage jewellery.
Peek & Cloppenb…

Photos: Carey Mulligan and Colin Firth at BAFTA's portrait sessions and afterparty

Oscar Nominees and BAFTA WinnersCarey Mulligan (An Education) and  (A Single Man) posed together for a BAFTA Winners - Portrait Sessions.

Check out Kitty Bennet (2005) and Mr. Darcy (1995)...err... Carey and Colin's Portrait Session (and BAFTA afterparty) photos below!

But first...

Carey Mulligan - BAFTA Portrait Session  [source: Carey Mulligan Online]
View more CM photos here!
 Carey Mulligan (BAFTA - Best Actress for An Education)   and Collin Firth (BAFTA - Best Actor for A Single Man)
Also, Carey and Colin at the...
The BAFTA's afterparty (Photo by| Colin Firth and Carey Mulligan on the red carpet at London's Grosvenor House Hotel for the BAFTA's afterparty. Colin won Best Actor for "A Single Man" and Carey won Best Actress for "An Education".

 View... more Carey Mulligan pictures »  and...  more Colin Firth pictures »  Speaking of Carey...she was recently on The View (February 16th)...

Watch Carey …

Behind The Scenes: Rosamund Pike & Ben Affleck in 'Hollywood Stories' (Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Campaign)

Rosamund Pike & Ben Affleck? No, they're not hooking up as a couple (he's happily married to actress Jennifer Garner and she's happily single) nor starring in a movie together (though it would be so cool, if they do...they already look good together), lol. 

They are just looking picture perfect as new models for fashion designersPeek & Cloppenburg'snew Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Campaign.

They do look great together, aren't they?

Ben Affleck & Rosamund Pike in Hollywood Stories

He is a mega-star and successful Director: Ben Affleck - which the attractive star of films such as Good Will Hunting, or Daredevil.For the European fashion designersPeek & Cloppenburg Spring 2010 Fashion Campaign"Ben Affleck & Rosamund Pike in Hollywood Stories" he plays the lead role alongside the charming actress Rosamund Pike, who stars in films such as one of the Bond films, Die Another Day (with Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry) and Pride & Prejudice (with

Theatre interview: Rosamund Pike as Hedda Gabler at Theatre Royal Bath

Here's a new and very recent interview of Rosamund Pike (as Hedda Gabler photo by Theatre Royal Bath Productions)from

Read highlights of her interesting interview below...

Theatre interview: Rosamund Pike as Hedda Gabler at Theatre Royal Bath

Natalie Hale talks to movie star Rosamund Pike about her new role on stage as Hedda Gabler

“I know that people struggle to pin me down, but I don’t mind that.” 

Rosamund Pike is certainly something of an enigma. The elegant actress, who recently starred in the Oscar-nominated film An Education, is quietly spoken yet assertive and intense, and our interview is punctuated by hearty laughs and thoughtful silences. 

In the past, she has been described as haughty and aloof, but perhaps that’s simply because she’s not the archetypal Hollywood star who relishes the attention that fame brings. “Maybe it’s because I like my own space,” muses Rosamund, when we discuss how she is perceived. “I am very used to being on my own and I don…

Photos: Talulah Riley at BAFTA Nominees Party and Elle Style Awards

Talulah Riley (aka P&P 05's Mary Bennet) recently attended the 2010 Elle Style Awards (where her P&P co-starCarey Mulligan was honored for an Actress of the Year award) at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London, England. Also, prior to that, she attended the Orange British Academy Film Awards nominees party held at Aspreys on February 20, 2010 in London, England.

Here are a few new photos of Talulah Riley...

Elle Style Awards 2010 - Inside Red Carpet Arrivals  [source: Photo by | Dave Hogan/Getty Images Europe |]
The Orange British Academy Film Awards - Nominees Party
[source: Dave Hogan/Getty Images Europe |]
Speaking of Talulah Riley...andher blonde hair color...

Production Photos of Matthew Macfadyen and Kim Cattrall in Private Lives

Two new production photos of Matthew Macfadyen and co-star Kim Cattrall in their stage play,Private Lives, directed by Sir Richard Eyre.

Private Lives runs at the Vaudeville for 10 weeks from February24.

 Check out the following...

Private Lives Production Photos (click images to enlarge!)  [Photo Credit: Nobby Clark | Broadway World]
Here's an article from Broadway World...

Photo Flash: Cattrall And Macfadyen Star In PRIVATE LIVES

Noel Coward's dazzling comic masterpiece comes to the West End's Vaudeville Theatre for a ten week season from 24 February 2010, following a two week run at the Theatre Royal Bath (10 - 20 February). Starring Kim Cattrall and Matthew Macfadyen, and directed by Richard Eyre, Private Lives remains one of Coward's most sophisticated comedy of manners. 

Glamorous, rich and reckless, Elyot and Amanda have been divorced from each other for five years. Now both are honeymooning with their new spouses in the South of France. When by chance they meet again a…

P&P Blog Weekly Poll

New Poll is now up!

The current poll (#61) is now up (scroll down at the bottom) right side bar under Weekly Poll.

What do you think of the casting of Maia Petee as the next Elizabeth Bennet in the new modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (2010)?

Many thanks to all of you who voted in the last poll
. Below is the result from last week's poll...

What do you think of the casting of Caleb Grusing as the next Mr. Darcy in the new modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (2010)?
Great choice and he's easy on the eyes too. Can't wait to see him play Mr. Darcy already! 7 (36%) He's handsome and looks the part. I'll be interested in seeing him as Mr. Darcy in this film.   2 (10%) I prefer Colin Firth. He's the ultimate Darcy!   3 (15%) I prefer Matthew Macfadyen. He was and will always be Darcy in my eyes!   2 (10%) I'll wait to see the movie to decide on this one.   5 (26%)

Total Votes: 19

All previous Weekly Polls are archived here.

Carey Mulligan: Elle Style's Actress of the Year

BAFTA award winner Carey Mulligan arrives at The ELLE Style Awards 2010 at the Grand Connaught Rooms on February 22, 2010 in London, England.

The Elle StyleAwards honored her with an Actress of the Year award. , also was honored with an Actor of the Year award as well. See his red carpet photos here!

Check out new photos of Carey below!

ELLE Style Awards 2010 - Arrivals

ELLE Style Awards 2010 - Winners Boards
(Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Europe |


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