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Official Atonement Stills and fountain clip

Some Atonement update for ya'll:

Read this article: Keira lights up the lakeside on the set of her latest movie
More Atonement Production Stills:

Click on the images below to view bigger!

View more stills here.

source: Keira Forever

Full 'Atonement' Fountain Scene!:

or click on the link below:

or click this link: The Fountain scene

P&P '05 Diaries (Video Clips links)

Here are some cool P&P '05 video diaries as posted in YouTube. You can view them here or click on the links below:

Pride & Prejudice Diaries (Part 1)

Pride & Prejudice Diaries (Part 2)

Pride & Prejudice Diaries (Part 3)

Pride & Prejudice Diaries (Part 4)


Death At A Funeral

starring:Matthew Macfadyen, Keeley Hawes

U.S. Release Date: In theaters August 17th, 2007

Watch the trailer for Death at a Funeral below:

Becoming Jane

No, not P&P '05's Jane Bennet , but the new film Becoming Jane based on P&P author Jane Austen's life...
Becoming Jane

U.S. Release Dates: In Theatres August 3 (limited) and August 10 (wide)!

Watch the trailer for Becoming Jane below:

View the Becoming Jane Movie stills/Promo Images below:


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