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Just for FUN! Here are random P&P banners/wallpapers I've made recently, which I've mostly posted on Devoted Fans of P&P Facebook page. I thought I'd add some of them here as well. They're my lame attempt on making P&P fanarts, so easy on me... lol. Hope you'll like them. Enjoy!

P&P Screen Caps with Fun Captions
  "This is a gag that Matthew and Tom made up together. I especially like the elbow there. That's just...physical comedy at its best." (Joe Wright) 

 "The gentlemen there look like the upper class, middle class and the lower class." (Joe Wright)

Mr. Darcy
“I think every girl is looking for her Mr. Darcy. I’d go for someone who is a little bit brooding and somebody you can have a good conversation with, a good fight with, someone who’ll always keep you guessing and make you laugh.” (Keira Knightley) 

Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth & Darcy
“We shot this scene for probably five hours, with many different camera angles and frame sizes and following him and following her.” (Joe Wright) 
“They’re embarrassed of each other there and she turns to look at him, and this is the last moment they look at each other in the film as their former selves.
And she can’t keep her eyes off him.” (Joe Wright)
“This is about a girl who falls in love. I wanted to hold back looking at Darcy, seeing Darcy, for a while. So you don’t really see him clearly until Elizabeth sees him. The whole idea of the film is to make it as subjective as possible. So you’re constantly seeing the world through her eyes”. (Joe Wright)
Darcy's Letter
"When I wrote that letter I believed myself perfectly calm and cool, but I am since convinced that it was written in a dreadful bitterness of spirit.'' (Mr. Darcy)

"The letter, perhaps, began in bitterness, but it did not end so. The adieu is charity itself. But think no more of the letter. The feelings of the person who wrote, and the person who received it, are now so widely different from what they were then, that every unpleasant circumstance attending it ought to be forgotten. You must learn some of my philosophy. Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure.'' (Elizabeth Bennet)

(from Pride and Prejudice novel by Jane Austen)

“I did find myself clenching my hands quite often. I had this secret: I thought that in Darcy’s encounters with Lizzie, whenever she gets at him, really hits him with a sort of verbal body blow, he couldn’t react right then. He’d be totally infuriated. But it would tickle him so much”. (Matthew Macfadyen)
“And here the story starts to change. And we got into a much darker phase. Jane Austen described Pride and Prejudice, the novel, as being too light and lacking in shade. So one of the things I did was try and bring in a little bit of that shade…When they almost kissed was something that we actually talked about in the screen test that we did with Matthew." (Joe Wright)  
 "This was a magical morning. We all got up at 3 am or something, and went out and we prepared in the dark. And then we had about 50 minutes to shoot this scene in. It felt really special doing it... I think Matthew plays this beautifully. The three 'I loves.' I just asked him to do it really simply. You can’t fake that.... This is basically the end of the film. What follows is a coda. And I like the fact that they never actually kissed." (Joe Wright) 
 “Didn’t tell them to do this final kiss in a lingering way actually. They just kind of did it. I guess it felt right.” (Joe Wright)

Darcy & Elizabeth Costumes

P&P Fashion

P&P Misc
Every screen capture of this film is a visual treasure!
Lizzie and Jane:
“That was heaven, shooting a scene under the covers with these two. I wanted to create a kind of closeness. These two spend their youth and childhood sleeping in the same bed together and the story´s really about who they will end up sleeping in a bed with.” (Joe Wright)
“I like the idea that behind closed doors they are a real family. But then anyone else comes to the door, immediately they close ranks.” (Joe Wright, P&P director)  
 "Do you think that anything might tempt me to accept the man who has ruined, perhaps forever, the happiness of a most beloved sister? Do you deny it Mr. Darcy, that you separated a young couple who loved each other, exposing your friend to the censure of the world for caprice and my sister to its derision for disappointed hopes, and involving them both in misery of the acutest kind? How could you do it? Indifferent? But that's because she's shy! Because you suggested it! My sister hardly shows her true feelings to me!" (Elizabeth Bennet) 
"Rosamund Pike is obsessed with ribbons. She carries two or three ribbons with her wherever she goes." (Joe Wright, P&P DVD Commentary) 
 "My dearest sister, now be serious. I want to talk very seriously. Let me know every thing that I am to know, without delay. Will you tell me how long you have loved him?" (Jane)
"It has been coming on so gradually, that I hardly know when it began. But I believe I must date it from my first seeing his beautiful grounds at Pemberley." (Elizabeth)
(from Pride and Prejudice novel by Jane Austen)
 "There's lots of Fives in this [Pride & Prejudice] film. The candles remind me of the five daughters." (Joe Wright) 

“It was a story about love. About the physical side of love, the difficulty of love, and it’s a story of the emotional and spiritual and the elemental side of love. It’s all of those things. I had already been interested in doing a film about love and so I agreed to do this.” (Joe Wright) 

New P&P Fan artwork/Photoshop Manips
I made this year (updated May 29, 2015)...

Plus random ones I've made recently previously!
(I think I'm improving and getting better on these with more practice)...

View more below...
Just For Fun: My Pride & Prejudice Manip Arts 
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Also more via Facebook...
P&P Fanmade Manip Arts
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Pride & Prejudice Fanart Manips (part 3)
Just For Fun: Elizabeth & Darcy Wedding Manips

More to be added soon...


  1. I'd like to know where and how the photos of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth were made on the bench, he lying on her lap


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