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More Behind the scenes: Peek & Cloppenburg interview with Rosamund Pike

Here's more of the lovely and beautiful Rosamund Pike from Peek & Cloppenburg...

Behind the scenes: interview with Rosamund Pike

Peek & Cloppenburg: Can you imagine working with Ben Affleck on a movie?
Rosamund Pike: Yes, maybe even with him directing. I think he’s really good at getting the best out of everyone. And I know he’s very interested in making movies with social awareness. I like his approach.
Peek & Cloppenburg: Which of the outfits you wore for the shoot did you like best?
Rosamund Pike: The blue Joseph Janard suit. It’s classic, but a little unconventional at the same time. And I’d wear the white shorts and the check blouse on holiday. I just love that fifties French Riviera look.
Peek & Cloppenburg: How would you describe your style?
Rosamund Pike: I really like to mix modern outfits with vintage
accessories, like handbags, or textures like velvet. Velvet jackets are always good combined with classic dresses. I also love vintage jewellery.
Peek & Cloppenburg: Did you get a chance to go to any vintage shops here in LA?
Rosamund Pike: Yes, I went to ‘Decades’ and ‘Resurrection’. And then there’s a designer second-hand store on West Third Street, ‘Entrenous’. And a big market in Pasadena every Sunday. I just bought a gorgeous wedding dress from the forties there.
Peek & Cloppenburg: Do you have a particular style icon?
Rosamund Pike: I loved Faye Dunaway’s look in ‘Bonnie and Clyde’. That’s one of my favourites. But it’s not just the look, it’s the whole atmosphere of the movie.
Peek & Cloppenburg: Do you have a favourite outfit?
Rosamund Pike: Well, I knew that the Peek & Cloppenburg store in Mannheim was designed by Richard Meier. I’d just love to see it – I love architecture.
Peek & Cloppenburg: Are you an Internet user?
Rosamund Pike: I spend quite a lot of my time in the virtual world to see what the future has in store. And I also use the Web for online shopping.
Peek & Cloppenburg: You are on Facebook, too...
Rosamund Pike: No, I’m not, that’s someone else saying they’re me. I’m very private ...

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More Stills of RP's P&C Photoshoot below...
 [source: all rosamund pike photos by Peek & Cloppenburg



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