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I was looking through old threads over at IMDB a while back and I found a link to the P&P 2005 movie script... from an awesome JA/P&P fanfiction related site called, Mrs. Darcy's Story Site.

I've read the entire script from this site. It seemed accurate with deleted scenes included! (though there were spelling errors on some of the lines...just a lil' typo here and there)...

Btw, the webmistress at Mrs. Darcy's site has added her comments to the script comparing this draft with what was actually released on film, which I thought was quite interesting (especially the deleted scenes from the movie). It was a lot of fun to read. I thought I would keep the link and post it here (a lil' excerpt here) for those of you might be interested in reading this or have been looking for the P&P movie script/transcript online.

Here are a few deleted scenes that I found interesting (wish they were shown in the movie or in the dvd special features):

[Scene 42 has been cut]


Mr Collins appears through a door to the yard. He spots Jane and Lizzie and advance towards them.

LlZZIE: No, no! Quick! This way!

She pulls Jane across the duck board spanning the moat. Mr Collins comes out into the back garden. The girls are nowhere to be seen. He looks around, puzzled, as we reveal Lizzie and Jane hiding behind the moat wall.
106 EXT. DERBYSHIRE - DUSK [Scene has been cut... such a shame]

Darcy is driving Lizzie and the Gardiner's back to Lambton. The rugged landscape looks even more beautiful and dramatic in the dusk light. Lizzie sits up with Darcy who holds the reins, while Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner sit comfortably in the carriage. Mr. Gardiner smiles broadly at two large fish that lie beside him.'

LIZZIE: It is so beautiful up here. I will be sorry to leave.

Darcy smiles at her.

LIZZIE: (cont'd) You have been a most gracious host. I'm sure my aunt and uncle will talk of nothing else for days.
DARCY: I have recently thought a great deal about how I appear and act to others.

Lizzie looks at him, a serious last look as though she wants to record his features properly.

LIZZIE: It does you credit, sir.

After the 2nd proposal scene...

141 INT. DRAWING ROOM - LONGBOURN - MORNING. [This scene has been deleted... unfortunately!]

The place is in an uproar. Jane, Mary, Kitty, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are all gathered, fretting terribly about Lizzie's whereabouts. Through a window we see Lizzie lead Darcy along the duck board plank across the moat. Lizzie enters the house, everybody starts.

MRS BENNET: Lizzie, where have you been? We thought something had happened to you.

Darcy follows Lizzie in.

MRS BENNET: (cont'd) Mr. Darcy! What on earth are you doing here?

Lizzie takes Mr. Darcy's hand.

LIZZIE: Mr. Darcy has come to speak with Papa.

Everyone is stunned.

Side note: Wow, I would've love to have seen this scene and their reaction of Lizzie and Darcy together back at the Bennet's house just after he proposed to her. Now, that would've been funny to see their amazement of Darcy & Lizzie as a couple, especially coming from Mrs. Bennet, since she never liked Mr. Darcy.

Anyway, the entire P&P script can be read here or check out the links below:
Screenplay Pride and Prejudice 2005 (annotated)
scenes 1 - 94
scenes 95 - 145

Have fun and enjoy reading!

Updated 10/16/09:

Thanks to mamen (over at the P&P Forum) for the P&P script link. Here's the embedded one...read it below!


  1. I actually have this script and one that I bought off of Ebay - which is not an original but a copy. It is very nice to read it all the way through - and love the deleted scenes!

  2. What a fun thing to find. I have looked at that website many times and never come across the movie script before. Now I have bookmarked it.

  3. loveprideprejudice - glad you found it. thanks for visiting this blog and commenting here. :)


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