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Video Interviews: Keira Knightley's Pride & Prejudice Promo Interviews

I thought I'd compile and post here the following Keira Knightley's video interviews (unfortunately, I can't find any Matthew Macfadyen interviews during P&P's promotions) when she was promoting Pride & Prejudice back in 2005!

Check out and watch Keira's very interesting interviews and her thoughts about her Oscar Nominated role, the iconic Elizabeth Bennet and why she thinks her P&P co-star Matthew Macfadyen was "a perfect Mr. Darcy" and lived up to her expectations "absolutely, 150%! I mean HE blew away my expectations of the character, you know..."

 [source: KelsiKnightley]
Did Matthew Macfadyen live up to your expectations of Mr. Darcy?
Absolutely! A hundred and fifty per cent. I mean he blew away my expectations of the character. Joe (Wright) wanted Matthew right from the beginning and I´ve been a huge fan of “Spooks” and thought it was amazing, but I couldn´t imagine him as Mr. Darcy. And then we read together and it was just… The thing about Matthew is that he is shy, he is a big bloke, he is a proper guy but he is intensely vulnerable at the same time and he brings that vulnerability to Darcy that I don´t think is ever been done before and that makes it even more romantic, the character even more romantic as well. So yeah! I think he is the perfect Mr. Darcy.”
(Keira Knightley)
[source: KelsiKnightley | keiraweb.com]

[soure: ebennet | keiraweb.com]

[source: EBD05

Plus Keira Knightley and Rosamund Pike Interview

[source: rosamundpikeonline | keiraweb.com]



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