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Pride & Prejudice Quiz

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How much do you think you know about Pride & Prejudice (2005) movie starring Keira Knightley & Matthew Macfadyen and the original novel (of the same title) it was adapted from, from the one and only Jane Austen. I made this easy 50+ multiple choice, fill in the blank, and true or false questions for you to try and answer here. I'll post the first 10 here and the next 10 will be in the next blog post...and so and and so forth till 50 questions have been posted. Answers will be posted either on the same blog post or the next. Well, see...

For now, take the...

Pride & Prejudice Quiz

1. Joe Wright was not initially keen on Keira Knightley playing Elizabeth Bennet in the 2005 Pride & Prejudice film, believing her to be too what? He changed his mind upon meeting her, deciding to which attitude would be perfect for her to play the part?

A. pretty; sexy attitude
B. attractive; tomboyish attitude
C. pretty; wild attitude
D. attractive; lively attitude

2. True or False:
Emma Thompson' did an uncredited and unpaid re-write of the script. She receives a "Special Thanks" credit at the end of the film.

3. At the beginning of the movie, Elizabeth Bennet is shown reading a novel. What is the title of it?

A. Persuasion
B. Emma
C. First Impressions
D. Sense & Sensibility

4. Name the 5 actresses who played the 5 Bennet sisters and the order of their characters from the oldest to the youngest.

5. What year was this film set?

A. 1700
B. 1790
C. 1797
D. 1795

Joe Wright cast Donald Sutherland after seeing him in what movie? Sutherland reminded Wright of whom?

A. The Italian Job; his grandfather
B. Cold Mountain; his father
C. Fierce People; his uncle
D. Six Degrees of Separation; his favorite actor

. True or False:
Elizabeth's conversation with Mr. Wickham under the tree was the first scene shot for the film. The dinner table scene at Lady Catherine's was the last.

8. How old were Darcy & Elizabeth in the movie?

A. Darcy 25; Lizzie 20
B. Darcy 27; Lizzie 19
C. Darcy 28; Lizzie 20
D. Darcy 24; Lizzie 19

9. Almost all the actors cast in this film are British except for ____ and ___.

What is Mr. Darcy's first name?

The next 10 Questions will be posted soon! Keep checking here for more!


(Highlight below to view correct answers ...)
1. B 2. T 3. C 4. Rosamund Pike/Jane Bennet, Keira Knightley/Elizabeth Bennet, Talulah Riley/Mary Bennet, Carey Mulligan/Kitty Bennet, and Jena Malone/Lydia Bennet 5. C 6. B 7. False. The dinner table scene at Lady Catherine's was the first scene shot for the movie, while Elizabeth's conversation with Mr. Wickham under the tree was the last. 8. C 9. Jena Malone/Lydia Bennet who is American and Donald Sutherland/Mr. Bennet is Canadian. 10. Fitzwilliam


  1. Ooh! This is fun and not so easy. I am going on memory and not going to cheat!

    1. B
    2. True
    3. C
    4. Rosamund Pike, Keira Knightley, Tallulah ?, Carey Mulligan, Jena Malone
    5. C
    6. I don't know this one! hmm.. B?
    7. F - I think it was the other way around
    8. C
    9. Jena Malone and Sutherland
    10. Fitzwilliam

  2. Hey, Sharon! Thanks for trying all the P&P quizzes here by memory (and without cheating), lol.

    You did pretty good on most of them. Their are a few that you were pretty close.

  3. Hi Jeane,
    I am going to give this a go too. Such fun!
    4.Rosalie Pyke, Keira Knightly, Tallulah Riley, Carey Mulligan &Jenna Malone
    9.Donald SUtherland and Jenna Malone

  4. Thanks (again) Vee for taking/trying this quiz (all of the quizzes, actually). You were pretty close except for 2 (#1 and #5). Good job though.

    Overall, you did great in all the quizzes posted. :)

  5. i missed this quiz! i'll try!

    1. D
    2. i didn't even read the end credit >.< !! but i guess it's true ^_^"
    3. waaks.. C, i guess...
    4. i just remember kiera knighley's name... ^_^" i remember their faces, but not their names..
    5. hmmm... B??
    6. i only watched italian job,, so i guess the answer is A..
    7. really?? false!
    8. A
    9. i don'k know! pass! xp
    10. Fitzwilliam

    oh god, this is so hard!!


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