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Happy Birthday Jena Malone!

Today (November 21st), marks the 38th birthday of Jena Malone (aka Pride & Prejudice 2005's own Lydia Bennet). Jena was born on November 21, 1984 in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA.

Follow the lovely Jena Malone and wish her a very happy birthday today on the following social media. You can follow and tweet her on her official Twitter@MaloneJena. On Instagram here: @jenamalone. And Like her official facebook page here: Jena Malone.

Jena Malone is an American actress and musician. Her film work has been mainly in independent films, and she has acted in theater. She made her cinema debut with the movie Bastard Out of Carolina, and has appeared in films including ContactStepmomDonnie DarkoSaved!Pride & Prejudice, and Into the Wild. Read more of Jena's full bio here. (via Jena Malone Network)

Happy Birthday Jena Malone!!!

My previous JM post worth re-posting here...

On set with Jena Malone (as Lydia Bennet), the only American actress in the mostly British female cast of the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice film.

Jena Malone P&P/Lydia Bennet stills

  Jena Malone as Lydia Bennet  

Lydia's focus is purely ribbons and soldiers. She's fifteen years old and she's very silly and she's very romantic and she's in love of the idea of being in love... (about Lydia Bennet from P&P companion book)


"Oh, Mama! You must all go to Brighton, for that is the place to get husbands. I hope you have half my good luck." (Lydia Bennet)

"Her options are so different than our options today. For her the only way to secure her life is to get married; otherwise you live with your family or leave home and are a governess in someone else's family, which gives you a lower social status, and no hope of marrying anyone of your own particular class. Many women were much more pragmatic about reasons for marrying, and the idea for marrying for love was regarded as frivolous. But Lydia was in love with love, so she is over-joyed to elope with handsome young Wickham. She fails to see any disastrous  consequences, and returns triumphantly to her family home, the only married daughter, thrilled to be able to lord it over the others." (Jena Malone)

"She [Jena Malone] was wonderful. I tell you what, I think Lydia is an incredibly difficult part to play, I think it is one of the hardest parts and we met a huge amount of  actresses for that role and finally we were in LA doing some casting out there and she had driven seven hours from Lake Tahoe to come and meet us by herself and she turned up this funny little thing. I thought, 'Oh God, you’re so obviously not going to be Lydia,' and then she started reading her and it was extraordinary. She kind of reminded me a little bit of Nicole Kidman in 'To Die For' and I thought that was interesting." (Joe Wright)

Jena Malone with P&P co-stars 
at the P&P London Premiere (September 2005)

 Jena Malone with director Joe Wright, 
P&P co-stars Matthew Macfadyen and Rosamund Pike
at the P&P Dublin (Ireland) Premiere

Here are several of Jena's Current/Upcoming Film Projects for 2022-2023 (via IMDB):
1. Adopting Audrey (2022)
2. Horizon (???)
3. Rebel Moon (???)
4. Consecration 
5. Army of the Dead: Lost In Vegas (2022)
6. Love, Lies Bleeding 
7. Swallowed (2022)

In Development Projects
1. Things You Missed While You Were Gone (???) 
2. Lonely Hunter (pre-production) Carson McCullers (???)
3. A Moment to Remember



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