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6 Signs That Elizabeth Bennet Has Taken Over Your Life by Syrie James [Jane Austen's First Love Holiday Blog Tour & Fabulous Giveaways!]

Jane Austen may well have based her character Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice on herself, for they are similar in many ways. Jane Austen was an extremely intelligent woman with a wonderful (and sometimes snarky) sense of humor, and was a master at delivering the ironic, barbed comment. So was Elizabeth Bennet. Jane was an independent thinker who loved taking long walks in the countryside. She was devoted to her family and friends, yet very particular when it came to opening her heart to others. Elizabeth Bennet was exactly the same!

Jane clearly admired her literary creation, once telling Cassandra, “I think her as delightful a character as ever appeared in print”—and most Austen fans share her feeling. Elizabeth is one of my favorite Austen heroines, too. She was the inspiration for the teenaged Jane Austen in my new novel JANE AUSTEN’S FIRST LOVE —the tale of a young, vivacious Jane and her first romance with the dashing, unforgettable Edward Taylor, which I’m excited to say has received many dozens of five star reviews, and which Novels Alive deemed “A beautiful, riveting and delightful tale of romance and first love.”

But getting back to Elizabeth Bennet - do you feel a strong kinship with Jane Austen’s most revered heroine? Being like Elizabeth can be a very good thing…but one ought to exercise caution, for the propensity exists to take things a bit too far! How can you tell if your Elizabeth Bennet addiction has gone past the mark of appropriateness?

Here are 6 Signs That Elizabeth Bennet Has Taken Over Your Life:

1. You watch this Pride and Prejudice music video every single morning over breakfast and it never fails to bring tears to your eyes:

2. You would gladly run through the rain and take shelter in a Grecian folly in the hopes of being proposed to by a man you think you despise.

3. Your favorite music to play while working, gardening, exercising, cooking, or cleaning is Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot.

4. To experience a Darcy Moment, you intend to organize a ball to entice that tall, dark, rich, and arrogant new neighbor to snub you by not asking you to dance.

5. You take every opportunity to trifle with your elders so you can bear the well-deserved pleasure of being called an obstinate, headstrong girl.

6. You bribe your boyfriend to wear a white shirt and jump in the local pond to have a post-modern moment.

Dear Reader,
It’s been a pleasure to join you here today as part of the Jane Austen’s First Love Holiday Blog Tour. Thank you, Jeane, for having me.

I hope you will check out JANE AUSTEN’S FIRST LOVE, and see if you agree that the young Jane Austen who falls madly in love with Edward Taylor is indeed very much like the intrepid Elizabeth Bennet!

Meanwhile, a few questions: Which of the above videos is your favorite? Do you agree with the theory that Jane Austen based Elizabeth Bennet in part on herself? I look forward to your thoughts and comments!


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In the summer of 1791, fifteen-year-old Miss Jane Austen is determined to accomplish three things: to do something useful, write something worthy, and fall madly in love. While visiting at Goodnestone Park in Kent for a month of festivities in honor of her brother's engagement to Miss Elizabeth Bridges, Jane meets the boy-next-door—the wealthy, worldly, and devilishly handsome Edward Taylor, heir to Bifrons Park, and hopefully her heart! Like many of Jane’s future heroes and heroines, she soon realizes that there are obstacles—social, financial, and otherwise—blocking her path to love and marriage, one of them personified by her beautiful and sweet tempered rival, Charlotte Payler.

Unsure of her own budding romance, but confident in her powers of observation, Jane distracts herself by attempting to maneuver the affections of three other young couples. But when her well-intentioned matchmaking efforts turn into blundering misalliance, Jane must choose between following her own happily-ever-after, or repairing those relationships which, based on erroneous first impressions, she has misaligned.


Syrie James, hailed as “the queen of nineteenth century re-imaginings” by Los Angeles Magazine, is the bestselling author of nine critically acclaimed novels that have been translated into 18 languages. Her books have been awarded the Audio Book Association Audie, designated as Editor’s Picks by Library Journal, named a Discover Great New Writer’s Selection by Barnes and Noble, a Great Group Read by the Women’s National Book Association, and Best Book of the Year by The Romance Reviews and Suspense Magazine. Syrie is a member of the WGA and lives in Los Angeles. Please visit her at syriejames.com, Facebook or say hello on Twitter @SyrieJames


  1. I am a huge fan of the second video. I am also guilty of number six. I do think that Elizabeth is very much like Jane Austen.

  2. I love the post modern moment in the lake :D So funny!!

  3. The Darcy Proposal is my favorite. :)

  4. This is great. So creative. I love the music in the third clip, but my favorite overall is the last one. I do think Jane based Elizabeth on herself.

  5. I absolutely love #1, but my fav is #6. We all need a Darcy post-modern moment, don't we? And about that wet shirt... :)

    Thank you so much, Jean, for hosting my guest piece today. I know how much work it is to post this kind of thing, and I am truly grateful.

    Thank you everyone for your comments. It has been great fun stopping by!

  6. Thanks for the post ...made me smile especially the first video :)

  7. #6; think it's possible

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  8. My favorite of the videos is the first one. So much Colin Firth makes me very happy!

    I've always thought that Elizabeth and the real Jane were probably very much alike.


    Thanks for the giveaway!

    pamh5230 at yahoo dot com

  9. I believe that Jane based Elizabeth upon herself. The witty comments and love of walking make them so similar. I love the second video, even with the poetic license taken, and the music in the third. Thank you for sharing. skamper25 (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. I loved the videos! The first one was definitely my favorite, however, because it features the movie I love most (with Colin Firth) and shows so many great scenes from it. And, yes, I do agree with the theory that Elizabeth Bennet most closely resembled Jane Austen's personality!

  11. huge fan of Pride and Prejudice and this site! :D I totally agree with #4, if only balls were still a thing! *sigh*

  12. Every girl should look for their Mr. Darcy. nrslalee00@yahoo.com

  13. Syrie James - My pleasure. Thank you for including this blog as one of your stops in your JAFL Holiday Blog Tour. It's great to have you guest blog here. I loved and enjoyed reading your book and this guest post too. Love the videos especially #2 (obviously, Mr. Darcy's first proposal with my favorite Mr. Darcy is a personal favorite ;) and #4 and I liked #6...who wouldn't right?). I too agree with the theory that Jane Austen based Elizabeth Bennet in part on herself. They both like reading, walking in the countryside, both intelligent, quick-witted, and their strong personalities made them similar. Oh, and I mentioned on my book review of your JAFL novel that Jane reminded me of Elizabeth Bennet (my favorite JA heroine). :)

    Thanks everyone for stopping by here and leaving your comments. Good luck to all of you on the fab giveaway! Those P&P/Austen prize packages are a must-have! :)

  14. Loved all the videos! They made my day!

  15. I love the first video -- Colin Firth is Mr. Darcy for me!

    I do think that Jane Austen based Elizabeth Bennet in part on herself.


  16. P and P was my introduction to loving literature and England. I look forward to continuing the journey. rickjess@sbcglobal.net

  17. Too funny...and so true.
    dez3b at yahoo dot com

  18. The proposal scene with the rain is my favorite :D I've watrched it so many times I have memorized it.

  19. I'm on my 3rd video. I lost one. Played one out so bad, it was no good. It takes me back to London and all the subtle moments and that 1st kiss that didn't happen, but was in the air after church. The touch of the hand at the carriage. So many things we long for from our unrequited loves...P&P was magic. Im a 2005 version fan. So much I ended up getting books to see what was next at Pemberley and the Darcy's.

  20. I love everything about Jane Austen and this is an accurate post haha. i love it.
    btw i hope i could get any of the prizes lol

  21. I love video #2! The tension and chemistry between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy was so palpable and this is one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

    I also agree that Jane Austen based Elizabeth Bennet in part on herself. They are so similar on so many levels. And I guess that as an author, sometimes you might just wish to put yourself into your own fictional fantasy world and meet Mr Darcy ;)

  22. Keep calm and love Mr Darcy <3 <3 <3 Thanks for the awesome giveaway !! Hope i win one of those prizes :)

  23. KEEP CALM AND LOVE MR DARCY !!Hope i win one of those prizes :)

  24. I love Matthew Mcfadyen he is Mr. Darcy for me

  25. I just love everything Jane Austen thank you so much for your give away, I praying I win. I am so crazy about all her books and anything that refers to P&P.
    mrsp6@comcast.net loves both of the last two P&P. Have watched them more times than I will admit lol

  26. The one with Mr Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen) in the rain I think is one of the best movie scene ever! This version of P&P is my favourite one, he's my only Mr Darcy :P
    And I also think that it is true that Jane Austen put a bit of herself into Lizzy Bennet, but not only because this character was precious for her, but also because I strongly beleive that every writer does that with its creatures.


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