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Joe Wright to direct a film adaptation to 'A Season In The Congo'?

Joe Wright might direct a film adaptation to A Season In The Congo, the recent play he successfully directed (with rave reviews) with its star Chiwetel Ejiofor possibly starring in the adaptation as well.

Here's part of the The Playlist article [via The Guardian]:
The rising U.K. theatre, The Young Vic, are expanding their reach into moviemaking, adapting their stage plays into film versions, and helping to kick off this initiative will be "A Season In The Congo," set to be directed by Joe Wright. Over the summer, Wright and Ejiofor presented the play, tracking the rise and fall of Congo's first democratically elected leader Patrice Lumumba, at the Young Vic to rave reviews and now they'll be seeing if it can work on the big screen. There's no word yet on who is penning the screenplay, but the production will shoot on location in Kinshasa, and not only that, November will be also see the release of a short spin-off film based on the play.
Watch the trailer for the A Season In Congo stage play Joe Wright directed below...

(source: YoungVicLondon)

No confirmation on this yet though...but will find out soon enough. Joe Wright has 4 films in-development, so we'll see which one he'll do next...

In-Development (as listed on his IMDB filmography):



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