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Watch: The Hunger Games stars Jena Malone and Sam Claflin's fun photo shoot and dish on their 'Catching Fire' auditions in Glamour September Issue

In the upcoming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire film ( co-star in the sequel to the mega-blockbuster The Hunger Games), which will be released in theaters November 22nd, two new characters are previous Hunger Games victors Finnick Odair and Johanna Mason, who are played by Sam Claflin and Jena Malone (who both co-starred with Donald Sutherland previously and currently in this this film. Previously, Donald played Sam's father in The Pillars of the Earth, which was an award winning TV miniseries and also played another father, Mr. Bennet to Jena's Lydia Bennet in Pride & Prejudice film. And now, all 3 are in the same film!). The hot and gorgeous new Catching Fire co-stars traipse the streets of London in swinging-sixties style for Glamour's September issue. The September issue is now available on newsstands nationwide as well as digitally at glamour.com/app.

Speaking of London, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will have its world premiere in London, England on November 11th, 11 days before it opens in theaters in the U.S. (Nov. 22).

Watch Jena and Sam do a photo shoot (as well as see some gorgeous images of them) in London in the behind the scenes video via Glamour below...

Here's an excerpt from Jena's interview via Huffington Post. Scroll down for Jena and Sam's photos from the Glamour shoot.

She says…
Jena Malone has been playing “the brave one” in movies like "Saved!" and "Stepmom" since she was a kid. Today, at 28, she’s fearless yet again as "Catching Fire"’s ax-wielding badass Johanna Mason.
Glamour: Those are some really major eyelashes in the movie.
JENA MALONE: I wish I could rock them in real life! They were like five inches long.
Glamour: You’ve had some extreme looks in your own life too.
JM: When I was 18, I shaved my head. I was bald. Then I had a mohawk—for a job that fell through.
Glamour: Was your part in "The Hunger Games" tough to get?
JM: I know they saw every single actress from here till Tuesday. They wanted to find someone who didn’t just physicalize this character but could also scare people. I don’t know what I did — I guess I scared the hell out of them.

Glamour - Behind The Scenes screen captures
with Jena Malone & Sam Claflin

Preview photos via Glamour



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