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Watch: Jena Malone in Episode 2 and BTS 2 of 'Dakota'

Jena Malone's new WIGS series Dakota continues with Episode 2 (of 3) and BTS 2 (of 3)!

Dakota (on Wigs) starring Jena Malone (as the title character Dakota), premieres Monday (7/9), and its 3 episodes will air on Mon, Wed and Fri of this week.

About Dakota:
Starring Jena Malone.
Co-starring: Jason O'Mara (One For The Money)
A poker player on a short losing streak is invited to a high stakes home game, but the stakes for her son are what matter most.

Watch JM (as Dakota) in Episode 2 and BTS 2 videos for Dakota below...

"Dakota": Episode 2 of 3 -- "Down $1,170": Dakota braves a high-stakes game and gets some unexpected company.

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"Dakota" Behind-The-Scenes: "Washroom Wisdom" Actresses Jena Malone and Jacqueline Pinol discuss the role Wanda and Elizabeth play in Dakota's story.

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The final Episode 3 (of 3) airs on Friday 9 AM (ET) morning!



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