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Watch: trailer for Julian Fellowes' Titanic (2012) TV Mini-series

Peter Wight, aka Pride & Prejudice's own Mr. Gardiner (who also appeared in Atonement with P&P co-stars Keira Knightley and Brenda Blethyn) is one of stars of the new, upcoming four-part TV mini-series Titanic (2012), which was written by Oscar and Emmy Award winner Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park, Downton Abbey, The Young Victoria). This Titanic period drama is one of  3 movies coming out of its 100th anniversary this year (including the threatrical re-release in 3D of James Cameron's mega blockbuster hit, the 1997's Titanic starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet on April 6th) and will air on April 12th on TV around the world to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the disaster.

Check out and watch the trailer for this Titanic (TV mini-series) version below!

But first, here's more info. about this new Titanic 4-part miniseries (via ITV):
Coming in April 2012 is the new four-part mini-series called 'Titanic'. Written and created by Oscar award-winning screenwriter Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey, Gosford Park), 'Titanic' will feature a whopping 89 main characters by following four separate, yet intertwined, narratives building to a dramatic climax. Dubbed as the 'television event of 2012', 'Titanic' has already been sold to 57 international countries worldwide and is set to broadcast around the world at the same time to coincide with the 100th Anniversary, the centenary of the disaster.

The four-part television drama will interweave multi-arc action, mystery and romantic plot lines over three episodes, featuring fictional and historical characters, before coming together in an explosive concluding episode. Each episode, except the last, will follow a variety of different characters told from each point of view that will culminate to a cliff-hanger as the ship begins to founder. The fourth and final episode will draw all of the stories together in a dramatic conclusion by showing which of the characters survives.

Titanic (2012) still featuring Peter Wight as Joseph Rushton

Watch the trailer for Titanic (2012) TV mini-series
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