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Book Review: Fitzwilliam Ebenezer Darcy (+ a Giveaway!)

I've recently read Fitzwilliam Ebenezer Darcy by Barbara Tiller Cole and I am posting my book review here.

But first, I would like to say that the lovely and amazingly generous Barbara Cole Tiller herself has offered another book giveaway here of her novel, which we previously had a giveaway here and picked the lucky Winner of Fitzwilliam Ebanezer Darcy book Giveaway!. If you didn't get to win last time, you have another chance to winning this one (like Mr. Darcy had his second chance of winning his one and only true love and soul mate Miss Elizabeth Bennet in the novel). Read more below for more giveaway details...

A Jane Austen/Charles Dickens crossover story, Fitzwilliam Ebenezer Darcy takes the best of both classics and spins them into a delightful Holiday treat! F.E. Darcy has fallen into pitiful self-loathing and sorrowful angst-ridden despair; all of this due to his belief that he has lost forever the chance to marry the only woman he has ever loved—Elizabeth Bennet. Seeing her son in such a state, the Ghost of Anne Darcy reaches out to him; informing him that three ghosts would visit him and give him hope. Will these Spirits provide him with the courage to try again to win the esteem of his one true soul mate?

I really loved and enjoyed reading FE Darcy and must say that I had read this book in less than a day (and will be re-reading it more this holiday season!). It was a quick read, all because it was a short story and less than 150 pages. I would've loved for it to be longer, but it was a good length for this particular story as it was a delight and fun to read at the same time, which makes you wish it was longer... Barbara Tiller Cole did a great job writing this novel combining her two favorite authors Jane Austen and Charles Dickens into a wonderful crossover story of her own, which Fitzwilliam Ebenezer Darcy, as the book description says, takes the best of both classics and spins them into a delightful holiday treat. A delightful holiday treat, indeed! A brilliant idea to combine Austen and Dickens' classics into one great book.

I even read this and was listening to one of  my all-time favorite Christmas CDs (Mariah Carey's classic 1994 Merry Christmas album) to get into the story and the Christmas spirit. All I want for Christmas Is You is a perfect Christmas song for Darcy & Elizabeth especially when you listen to this song and read this book at the same time. Another great combo!

Though I felt very sad for Mr. Fitzwillam Darcy as he was miserable (and depressed...so not into Darcy being angsty...) for most of the story in this book, but it was necessary for this type of story. Also, it was nice to read his journey into winning back the love of his life, Elizabeth Bennet. I laughed and smiled at some of the funny and happy moments like when the three ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future visited him to help and give him hope of redeeming himself to Elizabeth, to win her back, and for him to finally be happy for himself as well as to have the happiness he deserves with the only woman he truly ever loved (the very lucky aforementioned woman, the lovely Miss Elizabeth Bennet) as he longed to be reunited with her and to be with her always. William Darcy's (as he liked to be called in the book) life for sure, wouldn't have been complete without his Elizabeth and so does she. These two are truly soul mates and a perfect match as Austen wrote it on her original Pride and Prejudice novel. I love that even when Darcy was miserable, so was she as they really loved and cared for each other despite their misunderstandings and slow road to admitting and showing their true feelings and love for each other and just get on and be together already. But it was all worth it at the end when they finally get together for a truly deserving love and happiness as I was rooting for both of them, all the way, to be reunited and be Mr. & Mrs. Darcy that they were destined to be.

I just love reading all about my favorite P&P characters especially Elizabeth & Darcy, be it in the original P&P novel or its prequels, sequels, variations, and this crossover one, which I've never read written in this way before until now. I'm very glad I did read this one as It was different than other sequels and variations I've read previously (which they were all great too) and this one is a must-read for this holiday season...just in time for Christmas too.

Overall, Fitzwilliam Ebenezer Darcy was a great book! Quite a page turner too and a fast-paced read with an interesting twist. I was hooked from the prologue to the epilogue. Wish it was longer, but other than that, It was a lot of fun to read. I highly recommend you check this book out and read it this holiday season.

Book Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)!

Giveaway of Fitzwilliam Ebenezer Darcy

Comment (with your name and valid email address) here about your favorite Pride and Prejudice prequels, sequels, variations you've read or tell us your favorite P&P adaptation along with your favorite Darcy actor below for a chance to WIN a signed copy of Barbara Tiller Cole’s newest book, Fitzwilliam Ebenezer Darcy by midnight on Sunday ET, December 18, 2011. One lucky Winner will be drawn at random and announced on Tuesday, December 20th, 2011. Open to ALL participants/entrants worldwide! Good luck to all! 

Barbara Tiller Cole, an Atlanta native and the writer of the popular book White Lies and Other Half Truths, presents this family friendly classic—a delightful combination of the best of her two favorite authors, Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. Barbara credits her parents with fostering a love for both of these authors. Each Christmas, Barbara’s father would sit and read Dicken’s classic A Christmas Carol to the family. Her mother consistently challenged her to improve her mind by extensive reading, Jane Austen style. This book is dedicated to the memory of Cliff and Jeanne and the season they loved the best.


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(FEDarcy book cover courtesy of Barbara Tiller Cole)


  1. Thank you for another opportunity! I love the contemporary spin off's of P&P. It's interesting how it can relate to modern day and how much of an influence Jane is.


  2. my favorite P&P variation is ThePemberleyChronicles.....i enjoyed all of the possibilities especially the secondary characters!!

    thank you for this giveaway!!!


  3. Sonia from Italy

    Thank you for a new chance. I discovered the "Pride and Prejudice sequels/prequels/what if world" only last year after I fell in love with MacFadyen's Darcy. Yes, I read P&P when I was a teenager but I wasn't as impressed as now. I have already read at least 30 books and my favourites are Abigail Reynold's what if and Kara Louise and Sharon Lathan and many more....

  4. Sonia from Italy

    Oh, I forgot!!!!



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