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Rosamund Pike: New Interviews and a cover girl of UK's InStyle Magazine's November 2011 issue!

Rosamund Pike is one super busy British actress in both the UK and Hollywood! She has two new comedy films out this month (The Big Year and Johnny English Reborn)! She has several new video interviews (via Digital Spy) promoting her new film, Johnny English Reborn (with Rowan Atkinson and Gillian Anderson, which will be in US theaters later this month, October 28th...looks like the theater release date has changed again for this movie. According to Box Office Mojo, it has been moved up to a week early from the 28th to October 21st! ). She also talked about her other upcoming films: One Shot (with Tom Cruise, which she is currently filming in Pittsburgh and you can see a link of candid pics of her seen walking around the city below), Wrath of the Titans (with Sam Worthington, which she will play Queen Andromeda and will be released next year, March 30th, 2012), and a new clip of The Big Year (with Owen Wilson, Jack Black, and Steve Martin, where she plays Owen Wilson's character's wife Jessica...and there's a Youtube clip link you can watch below as well. The new comedy film opens in theaters in wide release next Friday Oct 14th). In addition to all of that, Miss Pike is on the November cover of UK's InStyle Magazine (which you can see a sneak peek video, new RP photos and read excerpts of her new magazine cover interview in the compiled links of articles below). Not too mention, she has another film The Sea (with Rufus Sewell and Cirian Hinds) that she will start filming early next year after she finished filming One Shot. Plus on her IMDB filmography, there's a short film she was listed as part of that was just added and oddly titled The Organ Grinder's Monkey, which she co-starred with Kevin Spacey and Daniel Craig.  

Watch The Big Year - Audubon Clip
in a scene with Owen Wilson starting at 1:01 she mentions the title of the film twice, lol...(If you have HBO, watch Making of 'The Big Year' | HBOe Tonight!)

RP's character in The Big Year
(via The Big Year movie website)
Rosamund Pike
as Jessica, Kenny's (Owen Wilson) wife, who has long supported her husband's record-breaking pursuits is now looking for Kenny to settle down so they can begin raising a family. Kenny assures Jessica that he's ready - but he finds that one more BIG YEAR is impossible to resist.

Read all the compiled Rosamund Pike interviews galore, watch her new video interviews, new photos, and more below!

(source: Digital Spy)

Watch a Rosamund Pike video interviews in the following (via Digital Spy)...
Rosamund Pike
: 'Wrath of the Titans like walking into chaos'

Rosamund Pike on Tom Cruise's One Shot: 'Jack Reacher is electrifying'

Candid Photos...
Rosamund Pike dressed in a colorful jacket is seen walking around in Pittsburgh
(Photo by PacificCoastNews.com | zimbio.com)  
More Rosamund Pike Interviews...

Rosamund Pike: 'I was amazed that Rowan Atkinson even knew who I was' (via The Guardian)

It feels strange to say that Johnny English Reborn is something of a revelation. It isn't the film itself – a tepid spy spoof sequel starring Rowan Atkinson and Dominic West, with the occasional blast of amusement and much slapstick. The unexpected element here comes in the form of Rosamund Pike, playing a top MI7 psychologist named Kate Sumner.
Pike provides both comic foil and love interest for Atkinson – all wide eyes, earnest expressions and fitted shift dresses. But her presence is never less than amusing; it's there in the tilt of her neck, the set of her shoulders, and, more than anywhere, in her face – the faint creases around the eyes and the corner of the mouth breathe humour into that famously crisp beauty. The result is quietly intriguing: perhaps Pike isn't quite who you thought she was. Read full  RP Interview here!
Rosamund Pike on the November 2011 issue cover of UK's InStyle Magazine (via InStyle)
(The November 2011 issue of In Style features Rosamund Pike Photos: FREDERIC AUERBACH/INSTYLE)
Watch a Sneak Peek video of cover girl Rosamund Pike: InStyle's November Issue!

Rosamund Pike: women should be more ambitious (via The Telegraph)
She has acquired a reputation as a demure English rose, but actress Rosamund Pike has called on women to toughen up and flaunt their ambition.

“As a woman, you feel that you shouldn’t want to better yourself against others. Ambition has become such an ugly word, hasn’t it?” she said.
“But when you look up the definition, ambition is to achieve distinction in your chosen field and most of us would own up to that, wouldn’t we?

“So I’ve just decided to be a little bit less frightened and a bit less, ‘Please like me and please give me a job’, and a bit more, ‘This is my opinion and this is what I want to do.’”

The 32-year-old actress landed her breakthrough role as a Bond girl in the 2002 film Die Another Day. She went on to win plaudits for her performances in Pride and Prejudice and An Education.

In 2007, Pike became engaged to Joe Wright, who directed her in Pride and Prejudice. But Wright jilted her a month before their 2008 wedding, a humiliation for the actress who had already sent out save-the-date cards.

They have not crossed paths since but Pike told InStyle magazine that she has moved on. Read more here!
The full interview is in the November 2011 issue of UK's InStyle magazine, on sale now! 
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Rosamund Pike craved normality after heartbreak (via UK's Film-News) 
Even my grandma thinks I won't get married now, says Rosamund Pike (via The Evening Standard)

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