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P&P Blog Exclusive: Watch The first trailer for 'A Modern Pride and Prejudice' starring Maia Petee and Caleb Grusing

Here's a big update for those of you who have been following and waiting for news and updates on the latest film version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice...

Bonnie Mae, who wrote the screenplay, produced, and directed the new independent film, A Modern Pride and Prejudice starring Maia Petee and Caleb Grusing has not only sent me more production stills, promo posters, on set and behind the scenes photos of her cast and crew, but she also sent me a youtube link to...wait for it...the trailer!!! Yes, you read it right...the first trailer to her P&P movie and you get to see it here (before anywhere else) first! Also, the film is now completed and it's coming to DVD very soon!

Watch the first trailer below and view the movie's posters, production stills, and on set/bts photos...

Watch the trailer for A Modern Pride and Prejudice
 (source: Bonnie Mae - )

A Modern Pride and Prejudice

official poster, promo poster
(source: Bonnie Mae of PaperCut Studio Productions)

View more below...

A Modern Pride and Prejudice Posters

A Modern Pride and Prejudice production stills
  (stills by Bonnie Mae of PaperCut Studio Productions)
View more...

A Modern Pride and Prejudice - Production Stills

A Modern Pride and Prejudice
   On set and Behind The Scenes   
(photos by Bonnie Mae of PaperCut Studio Productions)

View more BTS/On set photos...

A Modern Pride and Prejudice - On Set and Behind The Scenes

Thanks a lot to Bonnie Mae for all the following: trailer (and letting me post it here first) link and all the posters, production stills, on set, and behind the scenes photos.

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  1. Is this a joke? It looks like something made by a high school audio visual class...

  2. Uhhh....no. I agree with Erin, this is a far cry from any previous version. That girl is NOT Lizzy. She has a weird stare on her face all the time and every line sounded fake. I couldn't tell much about Darcy as he barely said anything. He looks a lot closer to the part than the girl playing Lizzy though. Keira Knightly was the perfect Lizzy :)

  3. This was also featured on another blog:

  4. Is this a middle school drama project? This can not be a real movie....

  5. Lol Erin! I said almost the exact same thing before I saw your comment! It was so awful, where did they even find actors that bad? Lol!

  6. Yowzers!! That was so slow and painful. I was bored halfway through. Here's my notes:

    Bingley - Not lovable or very cute (and that awful acting?? Omg)

    Jane - Ummm, isn't she supposed to be stunningly beautiful? Didn't see that at all.

    Elizabeth - Oh God, where do I start? This is the person carrying the story?? Same awful acting as Bingley and again like Bingley, not lovable as the character ought to be at all. Didn't capture the essence of Elizabeth even remotely. On top of that she's kind of painful to look at too long, she pales in comparison to Keira. She sort of looks like she just escaped from a psych ward half the time. I guess Darcy's line about not being pretty enough to temp me didn't take much acting to say, haha.

    Darcy - Ok, at least they got one character close. Definitely has the right look and attitude, had the brooding thing going but didn't see any love or yearning... but with who was playing Elizabeth I can't say I blame him.

    Everyone else - pretty much awful

    Overall opinion: Major FAIL and very disapointing. After watching that suck-fest, I have no interest in watching this "version".

  7. That was just weird. I don't even know what to say. Obviously very amateur, that goes for every aspect of it.

  8. Huh. Well, that was different. I had been following this film and was really looking forward to a new version of Pride and Prejudice but this doesn't even look like a real movie. I agree with the previous comments about it looking like a student film or homemade or something.

  9. Worst acting I've ever seen in my life....

  10. I don't mean this in a disrespectful way at all but is this a special needs kind of project? I know there are films that do that and employ special needs actors which is wonderful. It seemed maybe like some of these actors were mentally challenged. If that's the case I think people should be a lot more understanding and not so critical.



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