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My Top 12 Favorite Elizabeth Bennet Moments

My Top 12 Favorite Lizzie Moments
(Well...at the moment...until my next viewing...the order could change and I might changed it up or add a different scene, who knows? lol...)

What are yours? Feel free to list your own Top 12 in the comments section...

Ok, so I had to make my Top 12 for Lizzie Bennet instead of 10, as she's our favorite heroine and the lead character of this whole P&P story/movie (and it's told/seen through her eyes, for without her, we wouldn't have come to know and love our favorite Mr. Darcy as she did, wouldn't we?)... It was hard enough to come up with My Top 10 Favorite Darcy Moments (as there were too many and my list was just some selected random scenes that when I think of Darcy in this film, those particular scenes/moments come to mind quickly as I've seen the movie so many times and knows every scene by heart, as many of you here probably knows too, lol). It was even hard and interesting enough coming up with my top 12 without excluding the other scenes I want to add include in this list (too many of them to count or list...that would be the whole movie as Lizzie appeared pretty much in every scene...well, except for a few... I also loved and enjoyed watching, but she appears pretty much from the very first scene to the last scene, so even 12 Lizzie moments, are not long enough (or probably too long...see my list below) to list here, but I have to narrow them down to 12...

My Top 12 Favorite Lizzie Moments
1. Lizzie getting a fresh air at the Peak District with the soothing and beautiful to listen to Liz on Top of the World music playing in the background. I must say this was a beautiful Lizzie moment! Love watching her in this scene too! (The Peak District/Derbyshire scene)
2. When Mr. Darcy surprised her with helping her to the carriage and holding her hand...the stunned (and lingering) look in her eyes at Darcy said it all! (Leaving the Netherfield Hall scene)
3. Lizzie's private talk with her father, Mr. Bennet in his library after the second proposal scene especially when she said to her father (and surprised him at the same time) about Mr. Darcy, "I do like him. I love him."  (Lizzie and Mr. Bennet's "father-daughter heart-to-heart talk" scene)
4. Lizzie slowly closing the door, smiling and couldn't take her eyes of off Darcy...who would when you have the handsome Mr. Darcy in front of you with that lil' smile of his, right? (After The Second Proposal scene)
5. Lizzie admiring and staring at Mr. Darcy's bust in his Pemberley estate (The Sculpture Gallery scene inside his Pemberley estate)
6. Lizzie listening and focuses her full attention to Mr. Darcy as he proposes and declares his love to her for the second time (The Second Proposal scene)
7. When Lizzie wasn't impressed with Darcy's first proposal to her after finding out that he separated her beloved sister Jane and Mr. Bingley. Love her last line, "And those are the words of a gentleman. From the first moment I met you. Your arrogance and conceit, your selfish disdain for the feelings of others made me realize, you were the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry." (The First Proposal scene)
8. When Lizzie giggled (she gets me every time too when I re-watch this scene, lol) at the first glance and eye contact she and Mr. Darcy encountered (at The Meryton Ball scene)
9. When Lizzie said, "Oh, dear I cannot tease you about that. What a shame for I dearly love to laugh" to Mr. Darcy and all their heated banter (in The turn-about-the-room in Netherfield scene)
10. When she held her own against Lady Catherine (and made her speechless and stunned for a moment...love this scene and this part!) and told her off by saying, "I will not, and I certainly never shall. You have insulted me in every possible way and can now have nothing further to say. I must ask you to leave immediately!" (Lizzie's confronation with Lady Catherine scene)
11. When Lizzie was hiding quickly by the side window upon her surprise of hearing Mr. Darcy's name and seeing him (with Mr. Bingley) outside the window approaching the door to her family's house. (Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy's unexpected visit to the Bennets home in Longbourne scene)
12. When Lizzie said, "Perhaps Mr. Collins has a cousin" after her beloved elder sister Jane had just been engaged to Mr. Bingley and was saying to her, "Oh, Lizzie, if I could but see you so happy. If there were such another man for you." (Lizzie and Jane post Jane/Bingley proposal scene)


  1. 1,4 and 6 just kill me! especially 4.
    i just loved the entire score for this movie :)


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