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Jena Malone's Sucker Punch Character Illustration By Alex Pardee

More cool and interesting stuff has been released lately on Jena Malone's new film, Sucker Punch. First, it was the release date announced last May, Sucker Punch 3D film gets IMAX release March 25, 2011 (though looks like 'Sucker Punch' Won't Get 3-D Treatment, Director Confirms At Comic-Con). Then, just before Jena attended the 2010 Comic-Con, the First Photo: Jena Malone and co-stars in "Sucker Punch" was released and previewed on EW magazine. Next, the Sucker Punch Character Posters featuring Jena Malone as Rocket was released and at Comic-Con where Jena and Sucker Punch co-stars were in attendance, and following that the 'Sucker Punch' Teaser Trailer! was also released late last month.

Now, a beautiful Sucker Punch character illustrations including Jena's character Rocket were created by Alex Pardee specifically for the recent Comic-Con 2010 event.

Check out Jena Malone's character "Sucker Punch" Rocket illustrated by Alex Pardee below...

(rocket character illustrated by Alex Pardee)

See the rest of the...

And check out this photo of the Sucker Punch ladies (including Jena Malone, as she poses showing off her cool Sucker Punch character t-shirt next to Sucker Punch co-star Carla Gugino and director Zack Snyder) being personally presented by Alex Pardee himself with their character own character art t-shirts he specifically created and made for them for the recent Comic-Con 2010 held late last month.

 (photo by Alex Pardee)

Sucker Punch Character Banners 
unveiled and on display at Comic-Con!

 (photo by Alex Pardee)
Visit Alex Pardee's Blog for more of his Sucker Punch lllustrations, t-shirts, and more!



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