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Pride and Prejudice (2010): Meet the next Bennet Girls!

Meet the 5 young and newcomer actresses, who will be playing the next (modern) Bennet sisters of Longbourn in the new modern adaptation, PaperCut Productions' produced Pride and Prejudice (2010) film starring (as Mr. Darcy).

I previously did a Q&A with the lovely Maia Petee and I thought I should do a lil' mini-interviews with the other Bennet girls too. They were all awesome enough to do so and they even sent me some new individual photos of each one of them here as well (thank you, girls!)...

First, check out their photos and...

Meet the next (modern) Bennet Girls
(in order from the oldest sister/character to the youngest...)

Christina Lafon (Jane Bennet)

   (photo by Christina LaFon)
Maia Petee (Elizabeth "Lizzy" Bennet)

(photo by Allen Birnbach
of Allen Birnbach Photography and Maia Petee)
Ashley Douglas (Mary Bennet)
  (photo by Ashley Douglas)

Christina Rizzo
  (Catherine "Kitty" Bennet)
(photo by Silke Howarth and Christina Rizzo)

Shannon Urban
(Lydia Bennet)

  (photo by Shannon Urban) 

Where are the interviews (you ask)?!? lol. Sorry to keep you all waiting and be such a tease here... they will be in the next post (sometime later today)...I promise. I thought I'd do a two-part article/post of the Bennet girls here as I ended up doing interviews with  4 of them. One post is just not enough...and these lovely and beautiful ladies were kind enough to do interviews when I asked them to and deserved more than just one post here. ;) So, yeah...come back here and visit this blog again as the next post will be their interviews! :)

For now, enjoy this post or vote on the Bennet Girls' poll
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