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An Education and The Messenger made Peter Travers Top 10 Films of the Year (2009) list

According to Awards Daily, The new issue of Rolling Stone magazine hit the stands, and Peter TraversTop Ten of the Year are:
  1. Precious
  2. Up in the Air
  3. The Hurt Locker
  4. An Education
  5. Up
  6. Where the Wild Things Are
  7. A Serious Man
  8. District 9
  9. (500) Days of Summer
  10. The Messenger
Also, the Top Ten Reviews puts forth the following list as the ten best reviewed movies of 2009 (thus far).
1. Up
2. Star Trek
3. An Education
4. A Serious Man
5. Precious
6. In the Loop
7. District 9
8. Coraline
9. Anvil! The Story of Anvil
10. Inglourious Basterds



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