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Hey, everyone!

Just want to let you all know that I've created an account for this blog on Twitter.com ... I'm new to this twitter thing, since I just caught up on this trend just recently after learning this from my other friends at other social networks such as myspace, facebook, friendster, livejournal, fanpop, etc., etc., lol. So, bare with me. This one seems to be easier to follow though. I haven't made a facebook page for this blog...yet. I don't know if I will as it's another thing to commit on creating and updating site/pages...I barely even have the time to update the myspace pages I have for P&P and KK page ones, lol. So, no facebook for this one anytime soon. Perhaps someday when I get a lot of extra time to spare and get bored...as my boredom often leads me to create those fun stuff on those social networks, lol.

Anyway, if you are a twitter follower or active in myspace, you can...



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