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The Darcy Saga Update: Sharon Lathan's 2 new books now available at Amazon

Great news for fans of Sharon Lathan's Darcy Saga books, the next 2 new novels are now listed on Amazon.com and are in bound books, of course!

The prices are a little too high though, and according to Sharon herself:

"I do not know what is up with the listed prices; why there is such a large discrepancy."

Hopefully, these prices will be fixed soon. Though if you can't wait to own these books and read them soon (like I do)...then, by all means, order your copy now at Amazon.com (esp. if you can afford and don't mind those high prices, lol). It'll be a great help and your support (and purchases) on Sharon's books will be greatly appreciated especially by the author, Sharon Lathan, herself.

To order your copies of these books, here are the links to Amazon.com:
Journeys Beyond Pemberley
The Darcys at Year's End

P.S. Special thanks (once again) to my friend Sharon Lathan for the latest update on this wonderful news on her website!



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