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Carey Mulligan covers Vogue Magazine's May 2015 issue with interview and photo spread with Far From The Madding Crowd co-star Matthias Schoenaerts

The May 2015 cover issue of Vogue Magazine feature a photoshoot spread of Far From The Madding Crowd lead stars Carey Mulligan (Bathsheba Everdene) and Matthias Schoenaerts (Gabriel Oak). Carey, of course, is the radiant in red cover girl (see her Vogue cover above ^ photo by Mikael Jansson) with the cover issue interview and photoshoot with her FFTMC co-star in promotion for her new film, which will be both in UK Cinemas and US Theaters next Friday, May 1st.

Read an excerpt of Carey's Vogue interview, watch her secret of being a true New Yorker video, and see her photoshoot spread with her FFTMC co-star below...

Why Carey Mulligan Never Holds Back

By Gaby Wood
From her meticulous preparation for Broadway’s Skylightto learning to ride for the sweepingly romantic Far from the Madding Crowd, Carey Mulligan never holds back.
Fresh from a standing ovation, Carey Mulligan sits in her Broadway dressing room, one leg tucked under the other, hair pinned back from her face, her hands almost consumed by a long pale-blue sweater. “Today was a good show,” she says with a smile. “Yesterday I didn’t feel as good about it, but today I liked.”
She is surrounded by flowers (“I got flowers from Helen Mirren, which I thought was the nicest thing ever!” she says) and jars of Marmite sent by well-wishers concerned that she might get homesick. They needn’t have worried. “I’ve always felt better in New York, doing theater,” she says. “I think because there’s no one I know in the audience—or I can believe that more comfortably than I can in London.” On the mirror behind her—written, for lack of lipstick, in Laura Mercier eyeliner—are three lines of poetry designed to embolden her: “These are our days. Walk them. Fear nothing.”
Carey Mulligan knows the secret to being a true New Yorker:
As Skylight’s Tom, Nighy plays a charismatic restaurateur, extravagant, mannered, and relentlessly funny. Kyra, meanwhile, is a dowdy and preoccupied schoolteacher, and in Mulligan’s interpretation emerges as the play’s revelation and human core. She is articulate, determined, wry, and raw; she may be the least fake thing you’ll ever see on a stage. “What’s great about Carey is that it never looks like she’s acting,” says Daldry. “She’s so truthful, and so real, and therefore so distressing. It’s unique.”
If you’d seen Mulligan in the BBC adaptation of Bleak House or in the movie Pride & Prejudice ten years ago, you’d have noticed how engaging she was, and how sweet, but you might not have foreseen the suicidal darkness of her peroxide-blonde singer in Shame, the trouble behind the eyes of her Daisy Buchanan, or the hilarious spitting fury of her Coen-brothers folk artist. Her breakthrough came with An Education (2009), in which she played a sixties schoolgirl willingly led astray by a worldly older man, and the miracle of that film was that she seemed like an ordinary girl aspiring to glamour, rather than an actress in disguise. With any given performance, she bracingly makes you wonder: What will Carey Mulligan do next?

Read full Carey Mulligan Vogue Interview here.
Vogue photoshoot 
Featuring Far Far The Madding Crowd stars 
Carey a Mulligan and  MatthiasSchoenaerts 
(photos by Mikael Jansson for Vogue magazine)



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