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Watch: Episode 2 of 'Death Comes To Pemberley' starring Matthew Rhys & Anna Maxwell Martin

Episode 2 has been uploaded to YT earlier than I expected of Death Comes to Pemberley starring Matthew Rhys (as Mr. Darcy), Anna Maxwell Martin (as Elizabeth Darcy...née Bennet), and Matthew Goode (as Mr. Wickham), so I've watched it and thought I'd share the embedded video here again. A big thanks to sideeffects for uploading it early and quickly. Who knows how long it'll be up on YT, so I'd suggest you watch it now as soon as you've read this post before the video is blocked or removed. See Episode 1 here (updated with 2 alternative video links)!

Watch Episode 2 of Death Comes To Pemberley below...

Alternative Video link:

Death Comes To Pemberley - Episode 2
In the aftermath of the dramatic events in the woods and Wickham's arrest, Elizabeth reassures the staff at Pemberley that all will be well. However, it is becoming clear that Darcy feels everything is very far from well and he starts to retreat from his wife as he seeks to protect the household against the scandal.



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