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Actors on Actors: Michael Fassbender on Kelly Reilly in 'Flight'

Another Variety SAG preview: Actors on Actors is Michael Fassbender on (his Eden Lake co-star) Kelly Reilly, whose latest film Flight with Denzel Washington is currently playing in US theaters.

Michael Fassbender on Kelly Reilly in 'Flight'

SAG Preview: Actors on Actors - Fassbender on Reilly
The thing that always lingers after a job is the talent we encounter. When Kelly and I worked on "Eden Lake" together, it required us to go to extreme places, and so I have been exposed to Kelly's talent in abundance. It was unadorned, fearless and brilliant.
In "Flight" she navigates expertly, a complex and harrowing journey on which she takes her character, but once again so distinctively and personally that she effortlessly takes the audience along too. Kelly can go from broken bird to warrior in the blink of an eye. Always with the greatest of charm and intelligence.
Speaking of Kelly and Flight, check out and watch below her Flight interview... 

Kelly Reilly "Flight" Interview! [HD]
Also, Carey Mulligan (P&P's own Kitty Bennet), who previously co-starred with both Kelly Reilly (Pride & Prejudice) and Michael Fassbender (Shame), was featured on Variety's SAG Preview, in which Carey Mulligan on Jake Gyllenhaal in 'End of Watch'



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