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Sons and Daughters: Darcy and Fitzwilliam, Book Two (Volume 2) by Karen V. Wasylowski

Looking for a new Pride and Prejudice sequel related novel to read?

If so, check out Karen Wasylowski's new and recently released/published book, Sons and Daughters (sequel to Darcy and Fitzwilliam, a continuation of Jane Austen's original Pride and Prejudice novel).

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Karen Wasylowski: It All Began with a Battle Over The Remote
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Read more info. about Karen's new book, Sons and Daughters (book cover photo by Karen V. Wasylowski) and the first book, Darcy and Fitzwilliam (book cover photo also via Karen V. Wasylowski) below...

Sons and Daughters: Darcy and Fitzwilliam, Book Two (Volume 2) by Karen V. Wasylowski

SONS AND DAUGHTERS, a sequel to Karen V. Wasylowski’s 'DARCY AND FITZWILLIAM' (which was itself a continuation of Jane Austen's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE), again follows the iconic Fitzwilliam Darcy and his cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam. Now we see the two battling best friends as loving husbands and doting fathers, older and a bit wiser, making the sacrifices, the difficult (and frequently unpopular) decisions that men must make for the good of their families and we see their large brood of offspring - the ‘Fitzwilliam Mob’ - grow from childhood to adolescence then on into adulthood. Along the way, Darcy and Fitzwilliam are viewed by their children first as heroes, then as the enemy, but eventually as mortal human beings and the children’s adored champions once again. Read an Excerpt here!

Order your copy here:
Paperback and Kindle Edition 
Also, read more about Karen's previous novel...

Darcy and Fitzwilliam: A tale of a gentleman and an officer by Karen V. Wasylowski 
A gentleman in love cannot survive without his best friend...

Fitzwilliam Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam couldn't be more different, and that goes for the way each one woos and pursues the woman of his dreams. Darcy is quiet and reserved, careful and dutiful, and his qualms and hesitations are going to torpedo his courtship of Elizabeth. His affable and vivacious cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam is a military hero whose devil-may-care personality hides the torments within, until he finds himself in a passionate, whirlwind affair with a beautiful widow who won't hear of his honorable intentions.

Cousins, best friends, and sparring partners, Darcy and Fitzwilliam have always been there for each other. So it's no surprise when the only one who can help Darcy fix his botched marriage proposals is Fitzwilliam, and the only one who can pull Fitzwilliam out of an increasingly dangerous entanglement is Darcy... 
Order your copy here: Paperback and Kindle Edition

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