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Listen: An audio sample of 'The Spy Who Loved Me' read by Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike recently recorded and read (in a wonderful American accent!) an audio version of Ian Fleming's The Spy Who Loved Me novel (the 9th novel in the James Bond series). It was released last June 9th. You can now listen to an audio sample of her reading as well as download the full version below.

Download: The Spy Who Loved Me (with Rosamund Pike interview)
(via AudioGo)
When 007 turns up at a sleepy American backwoods motel it doesn_x001A_t take him long to realize that Vivienne Michel is in a tight spot, and that Sol Horror and Sluggsy Morant are hardened killers bent on destruction. Escaping from a past she doesn_x001A_t want to relive, Viv turns to James Bond to save her. Includes an exclusive bonus interview with Rosamund Pike.
Author: Ian Fleming Reader: Rosamund Pike Running Time: 4hrs 48min Publisher: AudioGO Ltd Series: 007 reloaded Number of CDs: 4 File Quality: MP3 (64 kbps) Release Date: 06/09/2012

Listen to an audio sample of The Spy Who Loved Me as ready by Bond girl herself, Rosamund Pike...

(source: AudioGO - The home of BBC Audiobooks)

Editorial Reviews
(via AudioGo)
‘The spy who loved me was called James Bond, and the night on which he loved me was a night of screaming terror... This is the story of who I am and how I came through a nightmare of torture and the threat of death to a dawn of ecstasy.’
Rosamund Pike has a voice that can seduce. And as a former Bond girl (she was Miranda Frost in Die Another Day) she’s eminently suited to this audiobook, because The Spy Who Loved Me is a unique Bond book: it’s written solely from the perspective of a woman.

This is the story of Vivienne Michel – the ‘me’ of the novel’s title – and her difficult past. She’s looking after a cheap hotel in America when two thugs arrive. But fortunately, her knight in shining armour is not far away: James Bond.

Miranda Frost delivers the story with confidence and empathy, and revels in this novel, which contains some of Fleming’s best writing.

In a soft American drawl she powerfully captures Vivienne’s resilience and independence, and adds a special depth to this Bond heroine. Frost makes her achingly interesting and, above all, likeable. We really want her to come out of this story.

Miranda’s Bond is particularly effective. So too the change in pace when Vivienne is in life-threatening danger. And Bond’s entrance is well worth waiting for.

Even if you’ve never heard a Bond novel before, you’ll fall in love with Rosamund Pike’s sultry and sexy American accent.
Speaking of the lovely Miss Pike, she has been out and about this week: She attended premiere of Shadow Dancer' and the Samsung Galaxy Party



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