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Videos: Watch Judi Dench interview from Anderson Cooper show

In a daytime exclusive (Tuesday), Anderson sits down for a cup of tea with Academy Award winner Dame . The famed actress addresses reports about her losing her sight. Dame Judi talks about the highlights of her career, special moments that have defined her life, and her new movie, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.”

If you missed Judi Dench's interview today, you can watch the following snippets of videos of her interview via Anderson show below...

Judi Dench on 'Going Blind': 'It Was Blown Out of Proportion'

"James Bond" actress Judi Dench spoke to Anderson about making headlines for having an eye condition known as macular degeneration, and addressed the rumor about her going blind. "Millions of people have got it… it was blown up, out of all proportion."

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Dench explained there are two different types of macular degeneration. "It's not so good if you've got wet macular degeneration, most people have dry. Wet -- you have a series of injections in your eye, and it cleared mine, and now I've got dry, and stem cell work is being done on that. Doesn't mean that I'm going blind."

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When Anderson referred to the stories that claimed she was going blind, Judi replied, "It made me very cross, indeed."

Judi said she is "certain I'm not going blind. I'm still driving my car." She added, "I go and see someone all the time, and they test it."

Will Judi Dench's 'James Bond' Character Get Killed Off?

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Does Judi Dench Watch 'Downton Abbey'?

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