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Jane Austen for President?

Jane Austen for President?! Sounds interesting, doesn't it? How about Mr. Darcy for President! It got your attention reading this, didn't it? lol...

I was contacted by Bradley S. Wirz, the founder and CEO of his new philanthropic organization called Gone Reading International. He told me about a new Jane Austen for President! gift collection, the design in which you see in the image above.

His philanthropic organization market a line of gifts for readers and donate 100% of the profits to fund new libraries in the developing world.

Here's a ...

Letter from Brad Wirz, Founder & CEO

Dear Fellow Book Lovers:

If you're like me, you just can't imagine living in a world without reading. Unfortunately, for almost a billion people today, that's exactly where they find themselves. There are countless villages, towns and vast regions of this planet where the power of reading has yet to shine its light.

Gone Reading International, LLC was founded to bring the magic effect of reading to places where it doesn't exist. We believe that when people have open access to great reading materials, life always changes for the better. When libraries and reading materials are made available, entire villages, communities and their citizens achieve unprecedented levels of self-sufficiency.

That's why Gone Reading International, founded in 2011, has pledged to donate 100% of our company’s profits to fund new reading libraries and other literacy projects in the developing world. By purchasing our gifts for readers, you're changing the world while treating yourself and the bibliophiles in your life to a great gift.

We donate to amazing non-profits – we call them our mission partners – such as READ Global and Ethiopia Reads, amazing organizations with proven models, long track records, and dedicated teams on the ground. Such groups partner with local villages in the most underdeveloped parts of the world to build small libraries that profoundly effect their communities. Our goal is to provide significant financial assistance to such organizations, allowing them to achieve greater scale and impact.

We invite you to join the GoneReading family by making a purchase of our gifts for readers, and equally important, sharing our story with the book lovers, bibliophiles and readers in your life!

Happy Reading!

Bradley S. Wirz
Founder & CEO
Gone Reading International, LLC

Visit us online at www.GoneReading.com!


Bradley S. Wirz
Gone Reading International, LLC
You can read more about Brad's philanthropic organization at his website: Gone Reading.

I thought that's very interesting and a great cause, so I had to mention this wonderful philanthropic organization here to share with you my fellow book lovers and readers out there. And did I mention, he has a Jane Austen for President! gift collection? Yeah, he sure does and is a fan of Austen too (or at least he had just started reading Pride and Prejudice novel and had blogged about what he thought about it in the following links:
It's interesting to read what he thought about the novel (thus far), isn't it?). In addition, he has Jane Austen themed gifts at his Gone Reading online store!

Everyone loves a Jane Austen themed gift!  Proclaim your love of Jane Austen by purchasing a “Jane Austen for President” gift featuring the design you see here!  The Jane Austen collection of gifts includes a variety of clothing, shirts, mugs, bags, dog t-shirts and more.

So, check out Gone Reading and get your Austen theme gifts either for yourself or for your fellow Austen book lover friends. Your purchase of these merchandise will support Gone Reading's philanthropic mission.

Speaking of Mr. Darcy for President!, now wouldn't that be awesome if that was included in Gone Reading's Austen theme gifts? Any Pride & Prejudice/Darcy theme gift items really would make the best gift items for most P&P/Austen fans like those lovely P&P/Darcy gift merchandise at Cafe Press. I know P&P/Austen fans would most definitely love those, myself included. I suggested this to Brad and here's what he said about my suggestion of a P&P/Darcy merchandise:
Good advice on the gift collection.  I fully envision a much broader line of Jane Austen related merchandise in the coming months, in which P&P and Mr. Darcy will clearly have good billing!
Hopefully, Gone Reading will make some P&P/Darcy gift items soon. They'll make a great addition to their Austen theme gifts, and besides items purchased there will support Gone Reading's philanthropic mission and they'll be worth purchasing for, for a great cause.

(All Gone Reading images courtesy of Brad Wirz. Thanks!)



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