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What Would Mr. Darcy Do? (Book Review)

Hello, fellow Devoted Fans of Pride and Prejudice! :) One of my favorite pastimes is reading P&P variations and sequels, and I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts on these novels with you.

This (my first post!) is a review of the P&P variation What Would Mr. Darcy Do? by Abigail Reynolds. This was an absolutely wonderful book! What Would Mr. Darcy Do? is an interesting variation on the classic P&P story asking, 'What if...Darcy and Lizzie had revealed their feelings for each other earlier in the story?' In the first chapter, we find Lizzie at the Lambton Inn, distressed over the news of Lydia's ruin. Mr. Darcy suddenly appears, and Lizzie tells him of all that has happened. But rather than Darcy leaving the inn after giving her his best wishes, he stays and reveals to Lizzie his love for her. And because of this one change, a completely different outcome is created. An outcome highly entertaining, sweet, and romantic! And Abigail Reynolds is simply the master of kissing scenes. She is an absolute genius when it comes to writing these romantic moments. So much so, I would find myself blushing and giggling as I read! So if you like to see a little heat between Darcy and Lizzie and lots of sweet romance, I hope you pick up this fantastic book! 5 stars! :)

- Ashley <3


  1. Great first post, Ashley! Welcome and thanks again for joining me on this blog. :) Interesting review. I love reading P&P variations and sequels too. I haven't read this one yet...will do soon and add this one on my must-read list of books. Thanks for the review and recommendation. :)


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