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Casting News: Rosamund Pike in the shortlist for a female lead role in new 'Superman' film

Following the big casting announcement last Sunday of British actor Henry Cavill (The Tudors ... See a screen cap of Henry and P&P's Tamzin Merchant from The Tudor's Season 4) in the role of Clark Kent/Superman in the new Zack Snyder's “Superman” film, rumors quickly turned to who will play Lois Lane? but word just emerges that the search is on for a female lead, a character that is not Lois Lane.

Variety reports that Rosamund Pike, Alice Eve, and Diane Kruger have emerged as a contender for the role that is not yet being disclosed.
With Henry Cavill set as the Man of Steel, Warner Bros. now moves on to its female lead, and a short list of contenders is coming together.

Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike have emerged as the three thesps being considered for the character, whose identity hasn't been disclosed -- but it's not Lois Lane.

Early reports had names such as Rachel McAdams and Kristen Stewart as female leads, but sources tell Variety that the studio doesn't want a name that could overshadow its leading man.

Eve has the most modest resume, but has seen her profile grow in the last year after starring in Paramount's "She's Out of My League." Besides "Superman," Eve was also considered one of the front runners for roles in "X-Men: First Class" and "Captain America: The First Avenger."

Pike has been on Hollywood's radar since her turn as a Bond girl in "Die Another Day" and has since had several supporting roles, including "An Education" and "Barney's Version." Read full article here.
Interesting that she was considered for the new Superman film, she was considered or rather rumored to be in the new X-Men: First Class film as well, but that turned out to be just a rumor. This one's probably true and it looks like she didn't get the role if her recent interview about being recently rejected for a role matches the female lead role she is mentioned in the shortlist here.

According to a new UK's The Telegraph article (this was reported days ago):

Rosamund Pike: 'Girly men freeze women out of Hollywood'
Rosamund Pike, the former Bond girl, complains that she was recently turned down for a leading role because she was not flirtatious enough. 

“I auditioned for a job recently, and didn’t get it,” says the actress, speaking at the launch of the Birds Eye View Film Festival. “Word came back that they were looking for 'a flirty piece of ass’.

“Now, I do not want, and have never wanted, to be a flirty piece of ass, but when told I was not one, I found myself quite offended. I was thrust right back on the most primeval battlefield, the loser at the mating game.

“The point that sex appeal is not the level at which I want to compete was lost on me, momentarily.”
Hmm, interesting... makes me wonder if she was talking about the female lead role in the Superman film. We shall see...

Speaking of Rosamund Pike, check out this new interview she did with New Statesman:
The NS Interview: Rosamund Pike, actor

Other recent RP interviews:

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Rosamund Pike: I can't resist a spot of skinny dipping
Do you have any favourite swimming spots in Britain?
There are some beautiful places in the Lake District. I’ve been swimming in western Scotland, which was freezing. There was a lake when we were filming Pride & Prejudice. I don’t even know if I was allowed to go in it. I probably wasn’t.



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