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ElfYourself Holiday Videos: P&P Dancing Elves (P&P Style)

Christmas (for those of us, myself included, who celebrate it around the world) is just 2 days away...and if you haven't send your family, friends, and loved-ones holiday greeting cards yet. Check out Office Max's ElfYourself eCards and send your own or if you already did, check out the following Holiday Dancing Elves - ElfYourself e-cards (P&P Style), I created here (for the 3rd holiday time since this blog started, I guess it's now becoming an annual holiday tradition, lol) for fun, hehe!

Watch each videos below! They're fun and hilarious to watch! You can purchase and download them to keep in your pc forever (or at least to view every christmas) as well as order posters, greeting cards, puzzles, magnets, blankets, etc.

Check out and watch the P&P Dancing Elves videos below. My early fun Christmas treats for all of you faithful followers, visitors and P&P '05 Blog Readers. Enjoy!

Darcy & Lizzie does the Country Dance

Darcy & Lizzie does HipHop!

 The Bennet Girls does the HipHop Dance

The Bennet Girls does the 80s Dance
Mr. Collins does the Country Dance!

Mr. Collins does HipHop



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