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Trailer, movie poster, and website launched for Carey Mulligan's new film 'The Greatest'

The trailer, movie poster (click image to your left to enlarge!  source: Carey Mulligan Online), and official website for one of Carey Mulligan's upcoming films (for 2010), The Greatest has just been launched. So far, only the official trailer is available to view on the website or you can watch the YT version here (below). This film was featured at Sundance and NY's Hamptons Film Festival. According to the official website, The Greatest will be released in theaters April 2nd.

Here's a lil' more info of the film...
Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Susan Sarandon, Carey Mulligan, Johnny Simmons, Michael Shannon


When Bennett Brewer is killed in a car accident, his mother Grace (Susan Sarandon) becomes fixated with discovering what his last words were. Meanwhile, her husband Allen (Pierce Brosnan), is immobilized by his inability to express his grief, and their surviving son is sliding into drug abuse. This disintegrating family is thrown for bigger loop when Rose (Carey Mulligan), the girl who was with Bennett when he died, shows up pregnant with his child.

Watch the trailer of The Greatest
[source: acepicac



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