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New Interview: Carey Mulligan talks The Greatest, Wall Street, Never Let Me, and more!

Another new interview of Carey Mulligan as she promotes her new film, The Greatest (which opens in theaters this Good Friday, April 2nd).

This time, the CM new interview is from Hollywood News.com...

Hollywood News recently spoke to Mulligan in Los Angeles at a press day for the film. In addition to speaking about the appeal of working on another modest project as she ventures tentatively into the world of big-budget filmmaking, she offered a few updates about some future projects, including Money Never Sleeps, the Kazuo Ishiguro adaptation Never Let Me Go, and My Fair Lady, a proposed remake of the acclaimed musical for which Mulligan is considered the perfect stand-in for her on-screen forebear, Audrey Hepburn.

Hollywood News: What was the award season like? It seems like such a big deal.
Carey Mulligan:
It was long (laughs). In a way, it was really from Sundance on. Sundance was really the first time I had done any press at all. I had done like one interview in England before that. So that was doubly nerve-wracking because I had two films there and it was the first time that I had a big part in any film. The award season was crazy and all good, but ultimately, it is not why you sign up. After a while, you are sort of aching to go and act. Enough people ask you what you are wearing, and you are like, “I used to be an actress before I wore clothes.”
News: Does it become distracting at all?
Actually, I wrapped Wall Street at the end of November and then I haven’t worked since. So I don’t think I could have done a film in January or February through all of that. It was good to do Wall Street at the same time as releasing An Education, because when I was promoting, I always knew I was going back to work. But I think it would have been too much and I wouldn’t have been able to do either things properly. It was good to not work for the past couple of months, but I would like to now.
News: Do you have any scripts you are looking at now? Do you have any new projects lined up?
Nothing lined up.
News: There are rumors circulating that you will be playing Eliza Dolittle for a My Fair Lady remake.
Yeah, I have heard rumors as well. It is all rumors. I am reading things. I am kind of relieved to not really [have] taken longer than like a month off. So, this is the longest time I have not worked. It is kind of alright. I thought it would be horrible, but it has been quite fun.
Hollywood News: What have you found works best for mastering an American accent?
God, I haven’t mastered it. I don’t know the secret. It is nerve-wracking because the film is coming out in America. I am distracted by bad accents. On this there was so little budget, I had two sessions with the dialect coach. That was it. There was no coach on set to monitor my accent. On Wall Street, I had a great dialect coach, Tim Monich, who is a very famous dialect coach. He could come up after every take and tweak things. That was helpful. I struggle to watch this film. I think it is brilliant and I think she did a brilliant job. I think she has done something people really rarely do, which is giving characters room to breathe. For me, accents are 95% of what you do. I think I would like to work in my own accent. I think when it comes to emotional stuff, it is really hard to hang onto an accent. If you do think of hanging onto your accent, then you are not in the moment. I always think that I’ll just do it and then if it is terrible, I’ll just fix it in ADR. I hate ADR, but when you do American accents, you have to give yourself to the fact that you’ll have to spend a couple days in the studio afterwards. It is not worth it to become preoccupied on set.

Hollywood News: How did the script come to you and what attracted you to this role?
The script came to me through my agent. It was the normal audition process. I think part of the attraction was that she is somewhat lighter. I think she kind of defers her grief to them because she couldn’t possibly feel as much as they do. There is sort of a generosity in that. I think she is trying to find a security and a base, and she is trying to be attached to him by being with them. I like the idea of working with a small company of actors, and with those actors especially. It kind of feels like theater. Susan [Sarandon] and Pierce [Brosnan] were a huge draw because I didn’t know Shana [Feste]. The minute we met and started working together, I just loved her.
News: Can you talk a little bit about Never Let Me Go?
I shot that last year after Sundance. That’s an adaptation of the Kazuo Ishiguro novel, the guy who wrote Remains of the Day and Alex Garland adapted it and Mark Romanek directed it. And that’s me, Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield and it’s been described as a Sci-Fi film, which if you’ve read the book it’s just not. It’s sort of a story about the examination of the soul, the existence of the human soul, and what makes us all basically the same and it investigates that in a love story and a friendship story and also in the fact that lives of the characters in the film are limited. Their lives are compressed into about 27 years and how they deal with that.

Read full interview here!

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