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Newsweek's Oscar Roundtable features Carey Mulligan

Newsweek’s “Oscar Roundtable” chat with Oscar hopefuls Jeff Bridges (“Crazy Heart”), Sandra Bullock (“The Blind Side”), Morgan Freeman (“Invictus”), Woody Harrelson (“The Messenger”), Carey Mulligan (“An Education”), and Gabby Sidibe (“Precious”). They talked about actors and the blockbuster film Avatar.

Check out and see a nice group photo of Oscar Nominee Carey with fellow Oscar Nominated actors (Woody Harrellson, Jeff Bridges, Sandra Bullock, Morgan Freeman, and Gabby Sidibe)...
(click to enlarge!)
[source: Newsweek]

watch the video below...

[source: Newsweek]

Read the 2010 Roundtable Transcript and watch more videos of the Oscar Roundtable discussions here.

Here's an interesting question that was asked about Carey Mulligan...
Carey, did you really quit Facebook?
MULLIGAN: Yeah. I didn’t know what to say on Facebook, so I left.

So, yeah...now, we know she used to have a facebook, lol.

Also, 2 more photos below...

[source: Newsweek]



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