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Two More P&P Blu-ray Reviews

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Monsters and Critics

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen is the most beloved romantic novel ever written.  Because of its appeal, this story has been adapted many times for both films and television.
This adaptation had theatrical release in 2005 and stars Kiera Knightley and Matthew McFadyen as Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, and is now available in Blu-Ray.
Everyone who loves Pride & Prejudice has a favorite adaptation, and some are vehement about this, ready to argue the points passionately that set their choice above others.   There is always the question, is it faithful to the original? 

It would be difficult for any production to be faithful to the novel, firstly because it IS a novel, and these are living people giving inflection and nuances to their interpretations and dialog that is often a passage of description in text.  We are also citizens of the 21st Century and try as we might to understand the society; early 19th Century England remains another time and another place.



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