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The new poll question below is about this blog. Check it out and vote for the new poll.

What is your favorite part (or section to browse) in this blog?

Many thanks to all of you who voted in the last poll. Below is the result from last week's poll.

Which one of the following 2009 theatrical released films (with P&P actors co-starring) was your favorite?

An Education (Carey Mulligan and Rosamund Pike)
  1 (14%)

Brothers (Carey Mulligan)
  1 (14%)

Cheri (Rupert Friend)
  0 (0%)
Me and Orson Welles (Kelly Reilly)
  0 (0%)
Nine (Judi Dench)
  0 (0%)
Pirate Radio (Talulah Riley)
  0 (0%)
Public Enemies (Carey Mulligan)
  0 (0%)
Sherlock Holmes (Kelly Reilly)
  1 (14%)

St. Trinians (Talulah Riley)
  0 (0%)
Surrogates (Rosamund Pike)
  0 (0%)
The Messenger (Jena Malone)
  0 (0%)
The Soloist (Tom Hollander and Jena Malone)
  0 (0%)
The Young Victoria (Rupert Friend)
  4 (57%)

Total Votes: 7
Poll closed

All previous Weekly Polls are archived here.



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