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Official Movie Posters for 'Nine' and new stills of Judi Dench

New Official movie posters for Dame Judi Dench's much anticipated, upcoming all-star/ensemble film, Nine (<---check out and click the link for the official website) has just been released by The Weinstein Company as well as new stills of JD from the film. No JD on the movie posters yet. Hopefully, there will be one with her with co-star Sophia Loren as they were not included in the official movie posters.

Check them out below!

New Nine Stills - Judi Dench as Lilli
(click images to enlarge!)

Plus I capped the following...

Screen caps from the Nine website
[click images to enlarge!]

Nine Official Movie Posters
(click images to enlarge!)

[source: Yahoo! Movies]

Visit Nine - the Movie Blog for all the latest news and photos of the film or the official site: NINE.

NINE opens in NY and LA December 18 and everywhere Christmas Day (Dec. 25th)!



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