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Pirate Radio U.S. Promo featuring Talulah Riley

The Official Pirate Radio (American) website has recently launched (in preparation for the November 13th U.S. theatrical release of Pirate Radio) a hilarious new clip featuring Talulah Riley’s character: Marianne.

Check out and watch the clip below!

[source: hollywoodstreams]

Also, speaking of Talulah, check out a new video interview of Talulah Riley promoting Pirate Radio

In addition, there's a Talulah Riley and P&P mention from the movie's  Production Notes:
Another rising young U.K. talent, Talulah Riley, was cast opposite Sturridge as Marianne, the girl Carl falls for. The actress had made her screen debut, for Working Title, just four years prior as one of the five Bennet sisters in the hit Pride & Prejudice.

“Talulah is a delight and I think viewers will love her in this role,”says Curtis, adding, “She gets to wear – very well – the best fringe and dress of any of the actresses in the film.”

Pirate Radio in U.S. theaters nationwide November 13, 2009!



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