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Pride & Prejudice Quiz (#2)

Here's P&P Quiz #2 ...

But first, see previous Pride & Prejudice Quiz, if you missed it.

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Pride & Prejudice Quiz

11. True or False: Director Joe Wright was the only P&P director to use complex, sweeping tracking shots that last several minutes, travel through multiple rooms, and highlight the different activities of many people. This technique creates a strong feeling of exploring an entire era in one location.

12. Towards the end of the P&P novel, a double wedding took place between which pair of characters?

A. Jane Bennet & Mr. Bingley; Charlotte Lucas & Mr. Collins
B. Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy; Lydia Bennet & Mr. Wickham
C. Jane Bennet & Mr. Bingley; Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy
D. Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy; Charlotte Lucas & Mr. Collins

13. True or False:
According to the director's commentary, Tamzin Merchant (Georgiana Darcy) did not do her own piano playing in the film.

14. What is Mr. Bingley's first name?

A. Charles
B. Thomas
C. Simon
D. William

15. Name three actresses whose big-screen debut was this film

16. What is the name of the actor who played Mr. Darcy in this film?

A. Colin Firth
B. Matthew Macfadyen
C. Hugh Grant
D. Jeremy Northam

17. How many Oscar nominations did the movie receive? Golden Globe nominations? BAFTA nominations?

18. Name the country dance song used when Mr. Darcy & Caroline Bingley were dancing at the Netherfield Ball?

19. True or False: This was the first film adaption to cast a leading actress (Keira Knightley) who was Elizabeth’s age, 20.

20. In the dancing scene at the Netherfield Ball, Why were Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy surrounded by others while dancing, then in the next scene, the crowds disappeared and they were dancing alone. What was the significance of this?

(Highlight below to view correct answers!)

11. True 12. C 13. False.
According to JW in the director's commentary, Tamzin Merchant (Georgiana Darcy) did her own piano playing in the film. 14. A 15. Carey Mulligan (Kitty Bennet), Talulah Riley (Mary Bennet), and Tamzin Merchant (Georgiana Darcy) 16. B 17. 4 Oscars (including one for Keira Knightley for Best Actress), 2 Golden Globes (including one for Keira Knightley for Best Actress), and 6 BAFTA (including a win for a Carl Foreman Award for the Most Promising Newcomer -Joe Wright (director)). 8. Tythe Pig 19. True 20. It was mentioned in the dvd commentary by P&P director Joe Wright that It was originally a mistake. KK and MM were practicing the steps. But they liked the way it looked, so they put it into the movie.


  1. 11. True
    12. C
    13. Not sure! Um, true?
    14. A Charles
    15. Wow! Keira, Carey, and Tallulah
    16. B *sigh*
    17. 4 Oscars, 2 GG, and 4 BAFTA - guessing primarily
    18. no idea I am afraid
    19. T
    20. that they only had eyes for each other!

  2. Sharon, you were very close in most of your answers. Though I think you should read #15 again 'cause one of your answers is a vet actress (and P&P was definitely not her big screen debut), lol. The other two were correct though. ;)

  3. 11. True
    15.Carey Mulligan, Tallulah Reilly and Charlotte character
    17.no idea, not enough
    18.Got me here too
    20.To highlight the growing attraction they felt for each other.

  4. Sharon and Vee, you girls almost got #15 right except for one of the girls. That question was a lil' tricky, wasn't it?

    Here's a hint (if you haven't looked/highlighted the answers at the end of the quizzes): The third actress besides Carey and Talulah also had a small role and played a sibling to one of the main characters. ;) Her name's just not easy to remember, lol.

  5. Aha must be Tamsin (Georgiana) thanks Jeane that one was a bit tricky LOL
    TSBO devotee

  6. okay... let's continue!

    11. maybe true
    12. C!
    13. hmm.. true??
    14. A
    15. maybe actress who played kitty, mary, and lydia
    16. B
    17. i don't know! pass! ;P
    18. what song?? pass! xP
    19. false?
    20. maybe they felt like there just two of them in the room.


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